The Fear of Islam in America

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( – Islamophobia. You may have heard the word before. But, what does it mean exactly? Reza Aslan, professor of creative writing at the University of California, Riverside, defined it as “a bigotry against Muslims,” to a room full of people at the university on Monday.

In a lecture titled, “Islamophobia: The Real Enemy,” he explained how and why the fear of Islam exists in the United States. Aslan took us back to 2001, and said it’s easy to assume Americans harbor an anti-Muslim sentiment because of the September 11 attacks. As Aslan explains that’s not exactly the case, because there’s been a rise in Islamophobia since 2001. “The further we got away from 9/11, the higher the anti-Muslim sentiment grew, so something else must be going on – there must be another reason,” Aslan explained.

That reason, he said, comes down to consistent and biased anti-Muslim messages that trickle down and become talking points for the media, and politicians during election season. “All of this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Aslan said…

  • David Murrell

    …consistent and biased anti-Muslim messages that trickle down and become talking points for the media…

    Things like mass war crimes by the Islamic State, genocide by Boke Haram, intolerance of other religious or secular views, dehumanizing women — minor points like these give rise to supposed Islamophobia.

  • Jade

    What did he say???

    • Frau Katze

      He seems to get a lot of speaking gigs.

  • pdxnag

    It is the cloak in a cloak and dagger assault. The aggressor is the one demanding 100 percent adoption of Sharia law worldwide. Any hint of resistance to Islam is prohibited anti-Muslim thinking, thus removing the inherent and immutable commands in Islam to wage war on Infidels from any debate.

  • Blacksmith

    Hmmm I wonder if the increase in hate for muslims has anything to do with them screaming at us how much they hate us and want to kill us both here in the west and from elsewhere……. Nah that can’t be it……

  • Minicapt

    Note that Prof Aslan’s expertise on the subject of bigotry against Mohammedans is a primary product of his profession, ‘creative writing’.


  • John the Mad

    Perhaps we can come up with a few other factors other than asserted media bias. Off the top of my head I note the raping of young Yazidi and Christian girls (some as young as eight) by jihadis and the subsequent selling of them off to fat, old, greasy men for use as child bride sex slaves. Or the odious practice of polygamy.

    Or how about the the crucifixion of Christians. Of course, there are the every day beheadings, bombings of cafes, murderers of journalists and cartoonists, the burning of Christian churches (sometimes with congregants inside), destruction of heritage sites, looting of museums, political oppression of minorities, raping of nuns, genocide and oppression of women launching missiles at Israeli civilians.

    Did I mention the age old Islamic practice of kidnapping male Christian children and forcing them to be Islamic child soldiers? How about the use of charitable status by Muslims in Western democracies to funnel money to Islamic terrorist organizations.

    Frankly, there are so many of them, so frequently, in so many places, it’s hard to keep a list of atrocities up to date.

    Islamophobia? The wonder of it all is that the reaction of ordinary people to this mayhem is so moderate.

    • Bill

      But, but…. but – The Crusades!

      (Notice the hypocrisy in claiming that every insult, injury or death of a muslim is a result of endemic Christian animosity towards Islam[*], but any vile act by a muslim is claimed to have nothing to do with Islam.)

      [*] and supposedly caused by the Jews too.

  • winniec

    And REZA said: “I use ‘Islamophobia’ to silence the victims who have no right to complain no matter how much Islam abuses them! THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! HA! HA!”

    But seriously, is it ‘phobia’ or some serious issues like:

    1 No Golden Rule 2 No free speech 3 No democracy 4 Jihad – holy war of supremacism 5 Honour killings 6 Taqiyya – sacred lying 7 Taqlid – group think 8 Misogyny – repression of women 9 Rape of kafirs as jihad prizes 10 Genocide 11 Ethnic cleansing 12 Al-Walaa wal-Baraa – Islamic apartheid 13 Torture 14 Plundering 15 Cruel and unusual punishments 16 Backwardness – stagnation 17 Violence against women 18 Slavery 19 Discriminatory Sharia law 20 Hatred of the arts 21 Pedophilia disguised as child marriage 22 Fifty generations of cousin marriage and genetic defects 23 Cruelty to animals 24 Extortion tax to humiliate disbelievers 25 No historic basis 26 Anti-intellectual obscurantism 27 FGM 28 Arab racism 29 Theocratic totalitarianism 30 Vigilantism