Sex-ed protest: Hundreds of parents rally at Queen’s Park

Emily Pratt reports for

Hundreds and hundreds of parents and politicians alike hit Queen’s Park Tuesday to protest the Ontario Liberal government’s new sex education curriculum. They say when it comes to their children, it should be their choice.

  • BillyHW

    “Sex Ed Protest: Hundreds of Past, Present, and Future Liberal Party Voters Rally At Queen’s Park.”

    There, fixed your headline.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Unfortunately, your point is valid.

  • Dana Garcia

    Educators should be embarrassed at how their field is so easily influenced by whatever fad is in the wind. X-rated sex-ed is just the latest. A few years ago, teachers were told to use a color other than red for marking papers because red was too judgmental or harsh.

    It’s always something with these sub-average educrats.

    • Clausewitz

      I’ve said this for a long time. No one at the board or ministry level are listening.

      • mauser 98

        because many are in cahoots with Levin style system

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The protests have to get worse before this situation gets better.

  • Speaksvolumes

    Reading about sex education models for schoolchildren globally: the Dutch are known for being sexually open and frank. Dutch children are educated on reproduction beginning at age six. They are taught the proper names for genitalia and their functions. Dutch parents are open with their children about discussing sex.

    Dutch teens have the lowest rate of pregnancy in Europe. They also have one of the oldest rates of first sexual experience in Europe, at age 17. Most Dutch teens, when asked, respond that they delay sex because they know of the potential consequences and don’t want to risk pregnancy or disease. They also cite not wanting to jeopardize their education by becoming pregnant.

    The British on the other hand, who have a culture and schooling system much like our own, have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe.

    While I do think that the Wynne government overstepped its bounds by unilaterally deciding to implement this program without consultation with parents, perhaps there is something to the Dutch model. Certainly the Wynne program also has troubling facets that skew more towards social engineering than educating.

    But perhaps there is something to educating students, while remaining age appropriate and with the input from parents, on healthy sexuality, reproduction, and frank and open discussion about sexuality that ultimately benefits society and prevents things like teen pregnancy.

    • Minicapt

      Where has the Wynne government sought out and cited evidence of successful sex-ed programs elsewhere, rather than obtaining input from sources who seek to exploit children and adolescents?


      • Speaksvolumes

        They haven’t. It should be revised or scrapped altogether. But if it is scrapped, then whoever drafts the next sex-ed curriculum for Ontario should research the Dutch model. Sex education in the Netherlands along with parents who are open with talking about sex with their children clearly has had a positive impact as far as teen pregnancy and delaying sex.

  • mauser 98

    never just one. whole school system is torqued to Levin type influence.
    more Levins lurking. the biggest nest will be at TDSB

  • c w

    The 3 R’s of education do not include rectum, this is the R that is envisioned by the Levin-Wynne plan. “Mommy, make the bad man stop!”

  • Clink9

    They had a reporter from Global News Toronto go into the crowd and ask them from the curriculum book what exactly they didn’t like about it.

    As soon as one woman started telling him about one of the nasty parts of the program they cut her answer off. Very creepy and one sided as how they treated the crowd.