Psychopathic German rapper turned jihadist ‘threatens Charlie-Hebdo-style attacks’

A famous German rapper turned jihadist has reportedly threatened Charlie-Hebdo-style attacks in Germany in a new video released by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

Dennis Cuspert, better known by his former stage name of Deso Dogg, was identified as the voice featured in the propaganda video by German media and jihadist websites.

“In France deeds were done, in Germany the sleepers are waiting. We want your blood, it tastes so wonderful,” the voice says in the video, which features footage of the attacks in Paris earlier this year.

“Even if you’re in Europe, wage your jihad,” he sings. “Allah will reward you, put an end to the filthy ones”…

He is currently in Syria and has joined Islamic State.  His lyrics as a rapper were full of violence.

  • UCSPanther

    Should have loaded that pistol and pulled the trigger when he had it pointed at his head…

  • Dana Garcia

    Funny how the devolution to barbarism is so predictable: from angry yute to rapper to jihadist.

  • winniec

    He sang: “Allah will reward you, put an end to the filthy ones”…
    There is the song of Islam: psychopathy.

  • Gary

    All of these jihadist savages have the quran in common, yet the Keystone Kopps in Canada scratch their heads over what makes these peaceful muslims radicalized.

    There are far too many Bad Apples to keep thinking that islam has nothing to do with it. The whole Orchard is toxic and should be torched because we only see a few good apples.