No, America Is Not Collectively Responsible for the Tsarnaevs

The Washington Post recently published a lengthy review of a book about Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by Masha Gessen, entitled The Brothers: The Road to an American Tragedy. The first problem with this book is the title.

The Boston Marathon bombing was an atrocitynot a “tragedy.”  It was not a force of nature. Jihadists planted those bombs deliberately–jihadists raised by a shrieking Islamist mother who was expelled from the country after being arrested for shoplifting.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The mom wasn’t deported, she jumped bail and absconded on the eve of her trial for grand theft.
    We would love for her to come back!

  • Stronger than Dirt

    Can’t reason with sociopaths.

    • Reader

      There are no sociopaths.

      Sociopaths are what sociologists use to dilute psychopathy.

      They were psychopaths.

      You only had to look at the pictures and videos of Dzhokhar smiling while out planting his bomb.

      • Stronger than Dirt

        point made … my interpretation is that the words, when used by certain types of humans are interchangeable.

  • Hard Little Machine

    For some people it is a tragedy. But soon Obama will be arming terrorists in the US with higher quality weapons.

  • The core problem – easy! Islamic theology.

    Without Islamic theology, these jihadis would not have “believed” it was in their best interests to do what they did.

    Islamic theology is toxic. It should not be allowed to be taught. It should be ridiculed.

    Without Islamic reformation, nothing will change.

  • winniec

    The Boston Marathon Bombing was a deliberate crime against humanity.

    Normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

  • winniec

    According to the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) of 2008, 76% of the American adult population identified themselves as Christians, with 51% professing attendance at a variety of churches that could be considered Protestant or unaffiliated, and 25% professing Catholic beliefs.

    That means that with 76% of Americans claiming to be Christian…Obama can say whatever he wants without anyone challenging his veracity. Hmm.
    What, then, would make the US more Christian? 77% Christian? 80% Christian? 94% Christian?
    76% Christian is a rather big majority! Obama lied and the media didn’t contradict him.