Municipal meetings can’t begin with prayer: Supreme Court

“A neutral public space free from coercion, pressure and judgment on the part of public authorities in matters of spirituality is intended to protect every person’s freedom and dignity, and it helps preserve and promote the multicultural nature of Canadian society.”

  • Petey

    But if a community group started pushing for a short Islamic ceremony at the beginning and someone complained, no one would touch it. This is how we are being slowly conquered.

    • nobull

      how do you boil a frog – very slowly, one degree at a time until he’s cooked.

    • I wonder, it would not surprise me.

  • Maggat

    So, the atheists have imposed their religion on the rest of the council?

    • Guest

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  • Gary

    So why does the Toronto Police HQ allow Imam’s to do prayers and hold the Eid service while they don’y allow Christian’s to do it.
    Oh wait, Christians don’t strap on bombs to be suicide bombers and use their kids as suicide bombers.
    Terrorism works….so muslims don’t have to.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Do it anyways!
    It’s Canada.
    It’s not like you will be executed, yet.
    That “yet” can only be averted if you STAND UP NOW.