In China, Your Pork May Be Fished out of a River

Chinese farmers dump pigs—dead from disease—into rivers by the thousands. But the rotting flesh doesn’t always stay there. Some have made a business of fishing out the contaminated meat, which then ends up on the market.

  • Clink9

    What is wrong with these people? Where do you start.

    • johnbrooks3

      What’s worse is we don’t realize how ‘infected’ we are with Chinese products. I can see this becoming an issue in the future, biowars so to speak as even our produce is coming from China we used to grow in Calif.

      • Rosenmops

        I try to avoid food from China. If something contains ingredients from China I won’t eat it or even give it to my dogs. But not everything labeled. It should be a law that the country of origin of all ingredients must be on the label.

        • Dana Garcia

          Yes, Made In China on a food product means it gets put back on the shelf.

        • Yes it should.

          • k1962

            I don’t like even cooking food in pots made in China or eating off of plates made in China or drinking out of mugs made in China etc. I look where my utensils are made and won’t buy items made in China if I have an alternative.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A lot of our produce comes from China, wash your garlic carefully before using.

    • johnbrooks3

      Bought local garlic and then the nicely shaped white garlic from China. The Chinese one is quite strong and acidic. The local was nice albeit brownish, but added flavor, the Chinese overpowers the salad. Toxins?

      • Stronger than Dirt

        Lead and mercury never hurt anyrun.

        • Guest

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    • k1962

      You can buy garlic from California. It’s not as white or as round, but its safe.

  • johnbrooks3

    I am glad I pray for my food. Saw that garlic and trout come from China, as well as apples used by everything from juice to flavoring.

  • mauser 98

    maybe some pesky dissidents ground in with it

    ” U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will soon allow U.S. chickens to be sent to China for processing before being shipped back to the states for human consumption.”

    “American consumers won’t know which brands of chicken are processed in China because there’s no requirement to label it as such.”

    • Rosenmops

      Time to stop eating processed chicken then.

      • mauser 98

        ? yes.. find local grown or grow your own

    • Oh cripes.

    • The Goat

      Plus, I totally believe that these Chinese processors of American chicken won’t accidentally put some cheaper Chinese chickens into their supply chain. No way, now how, we can trust Chinese producers.

      • mauser 98

        how can chicken be shipped half way around the world, “”processed”” then shipped back and be profitable?
        nope… sumthin’ else going on
        (cheaper chickens?..a way to dispose of prisoners, undesirables?)

        • The Goat

          If it tastes like chicken…

  • John

    I avoid buying foodstuff from China as much as possible. In particular, any meat products or seafood, especially shrimp and other shellfish, should be avoided.

    • mauser 98

      can’t always believe the label. made, produced, packaged ..who knows

  • David Murrell

    About four years ago I lit upon the idea on buying Chinese stocks, listed on the Toronto TSX exchange. I bought, in short order, Sino Forest, Hengfeng ( a fertilizer company) and SouthGobi (a coal company in Mongolia). Then I listened to this grizzled white haired oil man, on BNN News, who stated that the Chinese were the most dishonest people he has ever seen, in business (much to the chagrin of the pc-BNN reporter next to him).

    I sold my SIno Forest at no loss, and months later this company was exposed as a multi-billion dollar fraud. Before the Sino Forest debacle, I had sold my Hengfeng and SouthGobi, at very little capital loss. A month ago, out of interest, I Googled these two companies, and both have had fraud charges laid against them, and have been delisted from the TSX exchange. How I did not lose my shirt owning these three stocks is only by luck.

    So the oil man knew his stuff. Frankly, I would boycott anything and everything having to do with China, if that could ever be done. Why there isn’t an organized boycott movement, lord only knows.

  • winniec

    The prospects for me buying any Chinese food products have just been reduced considerably.

    • There is a mountain of crap produced there that finds its way here.

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        At first glance I thought you wrote ‘a mountain of carp’.

        Carp, crap, whatever. 😉

      • The Goat

        It’s frankly a form of theft. They sell us garbage that looks shiny but breaks after a few uses.

        • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

          I have a $30, made in China toaster from Wal-Mart that isn’t actually large enough to toast a regular slice of bread.
          The bread sticks a couple inches out of the top of the toaster.

          You have to rotate your bread as it toasts, and the edges never get as well toasted as the centre.

          • Stronger than Dirt