German government split on surging refugee numbers

A refugee pushing a stroller in the Marienfelde Refugee Transit Center in South Berlin, on January 29, 2015.

Divisions surfaced in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government Wednesday on whether the country which is Europe’s top destination for asylum seekers should take in more refugees.

Merkel ally Volker Kauder, parliamentary leader of Merkel’s conservatives, said that “Germany can welcome significantly more refugees. We can and must be able to afford this act of humanity.”

He said that Middle Eastern countries shelter proportionally far more refugees, telling the top-selling Bild daily that in Kurdish areas, “five million people live with one million refugees”.

However, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere later contradicted him, saying that the burden of housing refugees should be better shared among European nations.

Germany had accepted a total of 105,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq since the start of the Syrian war, compared to some European countries who had taken just hundreds, he said…

So far, no “mainstream” politician has suggested actually stopping the flow across the Mediterranean (I would suggest the method used by Australia, which consisted of sending them back in safe boats).

The pols are instead suggesting that the illegals simply go to other parts of Europe. Yet they must be responding to some distaste in their regular ranks for the influx.  It is only going to get as the weather improves over summer and the sea crossing becomes easier. 

  • AmicusC

    no one ever answers why the must take more. there is a south African letter going around the internet bitching about foreigners in south Africa ruining anything but its only racist if western countries bitch about invaders I guess. how is it a rationale that some crappy country took in a million people so no shitty countries have to follow suit?
    the solution to the problem is shoot shovel shut up. (K.R.)

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    When I was a lounge rat for a few years in my late twenties I met a few Germans who came to Canada after the war.
    You only have to match them up to five or six pints before they start slagging the juice.
    Mind you, we wouldn’t usually stop at six pints in those days.
    I got some important cultural trivia, too.
    This one old guy, he was a machinist by trade and he had retired.
    But, he went back to work because he met this chick who owned a sex toy shop and they happily squandered his small fortune on the VLTs.
    Anyway, he told that back in the day when they were rolling out the multicult they also were manufacturing Canadiana out of whole cloth.
    One commercial he remembered was something like, ‘all across Canada, wherever you are, Canadians will greet each other with a hearty Cheemo!’
    He never tired of that story.
    He’s gone now.
    Hey Waldemar!
    I’m raising a glass of Fort Garry Dark to you.

  • bverwey

    Odd that all of these refugees do not or feel they are welcome or are not welcome in neighbouring lands. Whatever. It seems to me that proportional immigration numbers should reflect the premise that if you come to a country you abide by it’s laws, it’s customs, it’s language and it’s norms.

    Canada has in the past been generous on immigration standards and numbers with some exceptions. For some time now we have fallen into the same spiral trap that the EU has. As a favourite of mine is fond to scribe … too many tents at folkfest. It’s out of hand and needs to be curtailed. If that vote whore Turdo Jr. gets in the flood gates will open further leading to conflict for my children to deal with.

    Immigration is great for the life stream of any nation. It is a must have policy for a whole lot of reasons but those that come must, under law of deportation, to assimilate and become productive self sustaining citizens of their adopted land.

    Canada has been good to me as a Dutch immigrant in 1960. I have been a proud Canadian, not hyphenated, since 1965. I don’t have a dual nationality nor likewise a passport. I am proud of my heritage but Canada has my allegiance. I believe in God, fend for my family honestly, pay my taxes, vote for every level of government, participate in the neighbourhood and take my gun ownership seriously.

    Those that want to come here and attempt to change Canada into the same sheite hole they came from can fouck off back there. It’s well beyond time that our government and those black robed supremes figure out that they can run but they can’t hide from the will of the people. Honest Canadians will take it there at some point.


    • Frau Katze

      The problem with Europe is they are being swamped by illegals crossing the Mediterranean. Most people smugglers are based in Libya at the moment, which is in a state of anarchy and civil war.

  • winniec

    Enough is enough. Why not just PAY Muslim countries to take them in. They don’t fit in Western, civilized countries.

  • Martin B

    “We can and must be able to afford this act of humanity”

    It’s an act of INSANITY.

  • Dana Garcia

    How many Africans will be enough? Why won’t 100 million come, or more? Africa has a billion people, not counting the Middle East.