Charlie Hebdo’s dead editor in posthumous attack on left-wing French intellectuals

Unity in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack put to test as slain editor publishes book from beyond the grave attacking France’s intellectuals as “disgusting” for suggesting he should tone down satirical cartoons

The book accuses the media of fomenting hatred against the magazine and the former Right-wing French president Nicolas Sarkozy of “freeing up” racism in France.

It slams Islamists who apply the Koran to the letter as if they were “putting up Ikea shelves”, and are ready to “cut the infidel’s throats along the dotted line otherwise God will deprive me of Club Med in the afterlife”.

But it saves its heaviest salvos for Left-leaning intellectuals, described as “ridiculous demagogues” for accusing Charlie Hebdo of going too far by publishing drawings of Mohammad. Many then joined mass street demonstrations after his death under the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ banner.

  • simus1

    But leftists apparently don’t think they are going too far by importing muslim wrecking squads for the express purpose of driving unhelpful to their cause Christians and their morality from the public square.

    • I note that this book is receiving little press…

  • John

    France,s elites are glad Charb is gone. It’s a relief because the existence of such satire always risk exposing the diversity/mulitculti lie, its fractures and divisions. France’s elites will happily sacrifice the county’s freedoms and secularism in slices in order to maintian what little real power and influence they have left. France is being dismantled and sold off piece by piece as though it were some dead person’s estate.