‘Britain in danger of being outflanked by growing Islamic population’ says church leader

“SPINELESS” politicians are ignoring the rise of Islam in the UK, according to a prominent church minister.

And the Reverend David Robertson, who will soon take over as Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, also says there is no such thing as “secular Islam”.

His comments come as debate rages throughout Britain as to how to tackle the issue of radical proponents of the religion without alienating minority communities.

But the minister stressed that although he opposes “racist, jingoistic Islamophobia, the fear of Islamophobia is blinding many of our politicians to the threat we face from Islam”.

Mr Robertson has accused politicians of leading the country down a “path of destruction away from the Christian foundations of our nation” by appeasing Muslims.

Writing on the Christian Today website, he said that politicians are either ignorant of the nature of Islam, or frightened of being labelled racist for speaking out about it. He said: “Christianity is the bedrock and foundation of our secular society. Islam is different. Islam has no doctrine of separation of the spiritual from the political. Islam is, and has always been, a political movement.

“There can be no such thing as secular Islam.

  • Brett_McS

    The fear of Islamophobia? Islamophobiaphobia?

  • Censored_often

    Canada and the UK need politicians like Rev. Robertson!!!

    • Why else would Muslims emigrate from Muslim states;)

  • Rosenmops

    My grandparents and great grandparents belonged to the Free Church of Scotland. Finally ….something in the UK that hasn’t turned to politically correct mush.

  • The “social pathology called Islam” only requires a small beachhead. Once firmly established, it slowly grows like a cancer. The end result is Islamization of the entire society.

    Western European countries have allowed the cancer in.

    The cure for this cancer will cause pain.

    • Our political class didn’t care where the fodder for their mass immigration Ponzi scheme came from. Allowing mass muslim immigration was criminally negligent.

  • eMan14

    There is a sign of intelligent life in Scotland then. How long before he is silenced?

  • eMan14

    Is there a study on which Muslim countries attract Muslim immigrants, and how many?