Ben Levin Sentencing Day 2 Recap – the Child Sex Grooming Chats

“…Today things will be worse – the whole day was spent on analyzing his “real strength,” his writings in the chat forum, where he was an important figure. The prosecutors read long excerpts from his posts, but I am sure that the mainstream journalists would never publish them. The advantage of being a blogger is that you don’t have to self-censor yourself.

Since today’s post would be more disturbing than yesterday’s, the same warning applies – if you are too sensitive, don’t read it.”

  • David Murrell

    Checked out the CBC News web page:

    and as can be seen, the Corrupt Broadcasting Corporation News network completely censored this story, for the second day of the Ben Levin sentencing hearing (the Toronto link is shown above, since CBC News did have a story on the first day of the hearing.

    Checked today’s (Wednesday’s, April 15) Globe and Mail newspaper, and, as can be expected, this corrupt Wynne-bootlicking newspaper censored the story.

    • mauser 98

      googled G&M ,,last article re Levin is March 3
      emailed Mop&Pail and asked why

      • David Murrell

        Yes, I researched how to go about filing a complaint, via the Ontario Newspapers Association. I have write to the newspaper first, to get a response with them. So I did prepare a complaint, and sent it through the Globe’s supposed “public editor”, one Sylvia Stead.

        She wrote back to me rejecting each one of my three points. In her fulsome rebuttal, she ironically claimed that the Globe “normally does not cover child pornography trials”, but that in this instance the Globe reprinted a CP wire story, shortening it down to include only defence comments, and no prosecution comments.

        I might go ahead with the complaint, no that the Globe censored both days of the sentencing hearing. But there is a lot of hoops to run through, including appearing at a hearing in Ontario. Tough for a person in New Brunswick, even though Canada’s pro-Kathleen Wynne newspaper claims to be a “national” newspaper.

        • mauser 98

          WTF!!?? what a crock
          if it was the Mike Duffy child pornography trial they would rip their lungs out scheeching ,squealing
          no response so far to my questions

          they are 100% in the tank for Premier Strapon

        • Good work David.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …it’s just a big “daisy-chain”, all the way to the top…greased by a billion dollars a year…

    • I’m shocked!

  • Edubeat

    Prof. Benny Bend-Dover wins the media sweepstakes again. Perhaps Premier Wynnebag thinks he knows too much