Babies left to die? 182 children born alive, then died, after failed abortions in 2013-14: StatsCan

OTTAWA, April 14, 2015 ( – Canadian pro-life leaders are renewing calls for an investigation into the possibility that babies are routinely being left to die in the country after failed late-term abortions. According to official data from Statistics Canada, as many as 182 babies died after they were born alive following late-term abortions in 2013-14, a 16 percent increase over 2011-12.

The latest data was again discovered by pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney.

  • c w

    This is murder, but because we think we have to allow for the intent of the mother, no Crown will go after the doctors and nurses who have murdered these live birth children. There is no limitation period on crime investigation in Canada, and murder of a live person is murder nonetheless.

    • It is murder.

    • Stronger than Dirt

      Especially when their Politically Correct bosses are all in with Political Correctness.

  • Stronger than Dirt

    Holes to donuts, these livebirths were probably treated like these babies …

  • Linda1000

    There’s something wrong within a country (Canada) that refuses to have any checks and balances or laws regarding a serious medical procedure like abortion which causes death.

    • Stronger than Dirt

      Sure is … I call it leftism. Morally and ethically repugnant; profoundly unconscionable.

    • Kathy Nelson

      In the US the third leading cause of death, among actual persons that is, is medical error. Canada has a very corrupt and messy national health system but it doesn’t cater to religious fanatics. When you yank out an appendix that piece of tissue dies. When a woman menstruates some viable eggs may be lost. When a man ejaculates most of his sperm dies. Is this murder? A fetus is a piece of tissue that belongs to a woman and it is hers to do with as she will. Too bad the sickos here find attacking women, not the men who contributed to the pregnancy, more entertaining than going after the real child murderers in this world – religious fanatics (mostly men).

      • Clink9

        Look in the mirror to see a real sicko.

      • andycanuck

        Most abortionists like your buddy Dr Kermit Gosnell, are men, Kathy. Just like the men who force women to have abortions for the man’s convenience.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        I agree these so-called religious people are just so hypocritical. How can they care about human life when they support all wars and probably even the death penalty. They support maximum government when it comes to people being able to do as they wish within their own homes. The fact is this is just catering to the religious which have their own interpretation of the Bible and sway in the winds based on their ideology. It would also create a horrible reality to outlaw abortion completely. Like everything else, it would drive it underground.

        • Clink9

          Yes, the only people opposed to murder are religious. Your hatred is showing.

  • Millie_Woods

    Just wait until the euthanasia and assisted suicide program gets ramped up. Say what you want about Islam but we’ve got our own ‘culture of death’ thing going.

  • richfisher

    Going into our 5th year on the adoption waiting list.

    • mobuyus

      Try pretending you are a gay visible minority with a debilitating handicap. That should speed things along.

    • Clink9

      I was thinking about that when I read this. How can people that work in this field just walk away and let a baby die. Monsters.

      Good luck with the adoption. I have a couple friends that adopted and it has worked out great for them.

    • Kathy Nelson

      Yeah right. Big whine. Can’t find a white,blue-eyed, blonde baby who doesn’t have a drug-addicted mother. All kinds of kids waiting for homes out there who just don’t meet your bigoted standards right?

      • Kathy, you are extremely rude. You don’t know richfisher from Adam and you’re calling him a bigot because he wants to adopt a child. Where do you get off?

      • Clink9

        What a bitter hag.

      • andycanuck

        Leftists say it’s racist for white people to adopt coloured babies, Kathy. So which is it?

  • Kathy Nelson

    Maloney manipulates data to cater to her fanatical religious stance. If she really cared about babies she would be writing about the shocking abuse of female babies and children in the foul world of the islamics.

    • andycanuck

      Boy, that sounds sincere.

      Have you ever demanded your local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic refuse to perform sex-selection abortions, Kathy?

  • andycanuck

    Just for you, Kathy: Planned Parenthood still arranging abortions for 14-year-olds brought in by adult men: