33 % of new immigrants cite access to “better government programs” as reason they chose Canada.

Unfortunately the Star article, One-fifth of New Canadians arrive with no money: report, does not break out what “better government programs” means in any detail.

The same article reveals that 19% of immigrants arrive with no money at all. Being broke and an immigrant is not a bad thing in itself, Canada has a rich history of immigrants who “made good” from very humble beginnings.

Still in age when more and more jobs are being lost to automation, overseas outsourcing or in Ontario’s case being driven out of province by government policy does our mass immigration policy make sense any longer? I get the feeling that our politicians are fighting this war with the last war’s tactics.

Typically many first jobs for new immigrants were found in manufacturing and service industries. These jobs are disappearing.

Regent Park residents want rent reduced when they visit abroad. Link below.

Regent Park residents want rent reduced when they visit abroad. Link below.

How many new immigrants end up on public assistance after their arrival? No one seems to want to ask that question.

Immigration and the Canadian welfare state.


  • David Murrell

    Three years ago, I attended a Canadian Economics Session on “immigrants economic contribution to Canada”. I was expecting a typical political correct borefest from the three panelists. One panelist, a fine labour economist at Queen’s University (Charles Beach) came out swinging showing statistics that the ratio of wages earned by immigrants, to wages earned by native born Canadians, has declined steadily since the 1970s. He was joined by a French Canadian economics professor from the University of Ottawa, whose research suggested that immigrants are contributing less and less to our economy. Both panelists pounced on the remaining pro-immigrant speaker, this thingy from the Conference Board of Canada. Anyways, Statistics Caanda data shows that immigrants are performing worse over time, compared with native born Canadians.

    I say this as an immigrant myself, who came to Canada with $120 in my pocket.

    • Here’s an excerpt from the Fraser Report on immigration – from 2011

      The study also examines popular propositions about benefits provided by
      immigrants for Canadians that are not reflected in the fiscal estimates. The analysis concludes that none of these propositions hold up to close scrutiny.

      It is said that the offspring of immigrants will repay Canadians for the
      fiscal transfers received by their parents and grandparents, but they would
      do so only if, persistently and on average, they have incomes and pay taxes much above the average of all Canadians. This outcome is unlikely given that the offspring of immigrants in the past eventually have taken on all of the characteristics of the average Canadian.

      Immigrants are believed to solve the problems of unfunded liabilities of
      Canada’s social programs. However, according to careful studies by actuaries, immigrants arriving in acceptable numbers cannot do so, simply and mainly because immigrants age and also receive the costly benefits.
      Immigrants do fill jobs that Canadians do not want and thus benefit
      the economy but, in the absence of immigration, these jobs would pay higher wages and would be filled by Canadians or eliminated by the application of labour-saving technology. Under these conditions, poverty in Canada would be reduced substantially.

      Immigrants raise aggregate national income but do not in the process
      increase per-capita incomes of all Canadians. In fact, as the study shows,
      they lower per-capita incomes after taxes, the most important measure of
      economic well-being.

      I put a link to the report in the post.

      • Rosenmops

        Even the immigrants that are generally more successful, like the ones from China, do everything they can to avoid paying taxes. Apparently most businesses in Richmond will not take credit or debit cards–cash only.

        • Guest

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  • Sharkibark

    This infuriates me. I sponsored my husband in 2010 from the UK – I had to show not only income to support him, but savings of more than $20K in the bank. We both signed papers saying that he would not be eligible for social assistance for 5 years after becoming a permanent resident. (which happened in 2013) He has not been home once in five years because it’s not affordable to us – we have not traveled at all other than little overnight mini-vacations in and around Ontario. And I wonder what our bank would say if we did? “Oh going away on holiday for a month? Sure we’ll let your mortgage payment lapse without penalty… No problem.”

    • eMan14

      What are you doing wrong?
      I say that facetiously. Because some immigrants seem to get fast tracked, get benefits quickly, get free or discounted accommodation, travel back to their home effortlessly…
      What are we, citizens of Canada, doing wrong?

    • Rosenmops

      If he had been from Somalia or Afghanistan they woud have rolled out the red carpet and given all sorts of free money.

    • Stronger than Dirt

      I suspect that most are here as ‘refugees’ … the magic word.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Some of the immigration consultants who have been on the executive of No One Is Illegal boast about all the immigrants and refugees they quickly get onto welfare and disability benefits ahead of Canadians and then those people unknown to the government return home, while their government benefits get cashed and forwarded and the subsidized housing gets illegally sublet for the money.

    Those immigration consultants talk about that since Canada is the only western nation without Exit Controls there is no way for governments to know who has left Canada or for how long and so continue to send government benefits checks to people whose only purpose was to come to Canada for the free government money and sometimes the free healthcare for expensive medical conditions.

    Why does Toronto Community Housing appear to give priority housing to recent refugees and immigrants rather than Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds who have been waiting on these lists for over a decade?

    • Because that would be racist?

    • Rosenmops

      I think most of those immigration consultants are immigrants themselves and are basically taking money to teach people how to scam the system.

      • JJ

        Of two NOII executive members I have met one is homegrown the other is from Germany who absolutely and openly detests Canada though she is a citizen and spent most of her time living here.

        Not surprisingly both are also senior long time OCAP members.

        I have had the same experience with these 2 boastfully talking about ripping off Canada.

        It makes me wonder if the whole point of No One Is Illegal is for immigration lawyers, immigration consultants and immigration NGOs to recruit clients and to profit off of Canada’s immigration system and society?

        • Rosenmops

          Without a doubt. I remember when that boat load of Tail Tigers arrived in Victoria a few years ago the immigration lawyers were rubbing their hands in glee.

    • Stronger than Dirt

      Canadians that have actually contributed at some point in time during their lives are absolutely treated as 3rd class citizens by government services and ngo’s – pc bastions. Take subsidized housing for instance.

    • Observer

      I think the thing your post proves is that we need to be lobbying for, now before the federal election, are those exit controls so we know who has left the country, not just those who have entered through border security.

  • cmh

    I’ll answer it….ALL OF THEM

  • Dana Garcia

    These days, there’s little embarrassment in admitting to be a moocher.

    • marty_p

      Exactly… people have no shame – I have seen idiots proudly proclaim to a TV reporter “I’ve lived in this TCHC building for 25 years now and it’s really going downhill…when am I getting a new fridge?”

  • mobuyus

    Unemployable welfare parasites.

  • Barrington Minge

    Conclusion must be that if they go away and stay away, their rent will fall to zero. Oh and their passports get revoked…works out well really