Wynne prices carbon – except for the price

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Monday she’s going to price industrial carbon dioxide emissions through a cap-and-trade market, without telling us the price.

She said it would be irresponsible to estimate how much more we’re all going to have to pay for virtually all goods and services, because the Liberals haven’t yet designed their cap-and-trade system.

This is very hard to believe.

The Liberals have been planning cap-and-trade for seven years.

It’s true they can’t come up with an exact price, because it depends on how quickly they plan to reduce emissions and what the market price of a carbon credit will be (more on that in a moment).

But for Wynne to claim she has no idea of the cost is absurd.

  • Ed

    Anyone who voted Liberal and didn’t expect taxes to go up under Wynn is simply delusional.

    • This is simply theft, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment.

      • simus1

        Well said.
        Have any PCOntario “leadership” aspirants emoted on the subject?
        They would likely know firsthand who are the most favoured inside track rent seekers competing to run this scam on behalf of GLLKDW.

        • Good point, but I fear they’re all related.

          • Cheryl

            Is Wynne under any type of doctors care? It seems like she has mental issues. She seems like she is unable to distinguish between right and wrong and what is good for the province and what is not. It is too bad that someone does not suggest this to her. Maybe if she was properly diagnosed then maybe she would be forced to step down.

        • mauser 98

          yes..zero opposition

          Ont. Cons have thrown us under the bus

  • Digger Dan

    Premier Wynne come clean on the Solid Gold scandal, then resign.
    A government swindle and coverup of historical proportion