US: Lincolnwood reconsiders diversity month in wake of Palestinian flag controversy

File photo. Residents flooded Village Hall last summer to voice opinions about a controversial decision on behalf of the Human Relations Commission to allow the Palestinian flag to fly during Diversity Month. (Natalie Hayes, Pioneer Press)

Lincolnwood could cancel its annual diversity month, a tradition marked by the display of about 60 flags flown along Lincoln Avenue.

The village is considering stopping the two-decades long program to negate the possibility of conflict over the inclusion of the Palestinian flag in the celebration, village officials said.

Ever since a screaming match erupted during an emotional, high-tension Human Relations Commission meeting last summer attended by 175 residents, commissioners have discussed the possibility of creating a revised flag policy…

…”However you want to look at it, the better choice is to discontinue the program,” Trustee Ron Cope said. “To put ourselves right back where we were a year ago is a serious mistake—this is not a matter of someone celebrating their heritage, but a testament of a political war”…

Whatever happened to “Diversity is our strength”?

Of course, we knew all along it was total garbage. Diversity can only be a source of weakness. This issue will only get worse as the Muslim population — almost 100% pro-Palestine — increases.