Turkish PM Davutoğlu: Islamophobia used as a cover for exploitation, racism, and inequality

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Sunday that Islamophobia is being used as a cover for exploitation, racism, and inequality. He made the comments during the 6th International Hadith and Sirat Studies Award Ceremony organized by Meridyen Association, a Turkish non-profit organization, in Istanbul.

During his speech, Davutoğlu warned against the perception management at work against the Prophet Mohamed. He said that Islamophobia is a concept which is being utilized by the current dominant world order to protect their own agenda. Using an Orientalist approach to Islam prevents teaching generations of children about the Prophet’s true character and morality, which opposes global exploitation, inequality, and racism…

Every few days there are articles like this: the ruling AK Party keeps banging on about “Islamophobia.” Even the slightest consideration that it might have something to do with Islam itself is unthinkable.

And the EU is still seriously considering Turkey as a future member of the EU.