The Middle East Turmoil and Israel’s Security

The Middle East is in great turmoil. The statist order that underpinned the region for a century has collapsed. Several states have lost their monopoly over the use of force and are no longer able to provide law and order. This is especially true of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Syria. Even Egypt, the only historic Arab state, has had difficulties effectively enforcing its sovereignty over its territory.

Many of the militias challenging these state entities have a radical Islamist ideology, reflecting the rise in appeal of political Islam in the Arab world. In contrast to the leaders of these states, who are inefficient and corrupt, the Islamists actually deliver services to the people and have a reputation for being brutal but honest. However, the likes of Al Qaida in Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) or the so called Islamic State (IS) are hardly the proper agents for modernizing their environments and their popularity dooms the Arab world to continuous ignorance and poverty.

For this and other reasons, Israel will need to remain vigilant in the years ahead.

  • Brett_McS

    Although these militias can take down corrupt nation states like Syria and Yemen they pose no threat to modern Western states. That’s what lawyers are for.

    • Guest

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    • Norman_In_New_York

      Most of these militias are engaged in slaughtering each other. The last ones standing will be too weak to threaten Jordan, much less Israel.

  • Obama is clearly pro-Islam and anti-Israel. His actions leave no doubt. From his absurd Muslim outreach request of NASA, his Cairo speech, and his continuous efforts to stop any mention of Islam in relationship to terrorism. Obama reveals his true feelings of Jew hatred and Islam love.

    His biggest and most dangerous action is his faux negotiations with Iran. Obama’s actions have essentially given Iran a nuke.

    The Iranians have stated in many ways they are willing to die in the their attempt to destroy Israel.

    This will get ugly.