The Armenian genocide was a jihad

Dhimmi is the term Islamic jurisprudential intended both Jews and Christians or as described the whole people of the book Islamic living under Muslim rule or in the Muslim-majority country.

…Having been a lifelong student of both the history and theology implicit in the Holocaust, I often asked myself…“Why did the Turks refuse to admit guilt the way the Germans did after WW II?”

I first wrote about the Armenian genocide in The Cunning of History (1974) but I minimized the religious factor and was unable to answer that crucial question.

It was only after reading Bat Ye’or’s books on dhimmitude and jihad, that I began to understood the Turkish refusal. Successive Turkish governments have refused because they regard the genocide of the Armenians as a jihad, a holy act commanded by Allah.

Hence, in their religion, they committed no crime and they have nothing about which to feel guilty.

From the Turkish point of view, some, if not all of the Armenian Christian had broken the dhimma, the pact of submission to which, according to Islam, every defeated people must submit in order to remain alive…

And Kaiser Wilhelm in Germany convinced the Turkish caliphate to declare a holy war (jihad) on November 14, 1914.

It proved largely ineffective amongst the Arabs of the Ottoman Empire as the British spread money and encouragement to the Arabs to get them rebel against the Turks.

Yet it no doubt contributed to the bellicose atmosphere amongst the Turks themselves.