Son of Labour councillor accused of trying to sneak into Syria with eight relatives is arrested after being flown back to the UK

A Labour councillor’s son accused of trying to enter Syria illegally with eight family members has been arrested as he landed back in the UK.

University student Waheed Ahmed, 21, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was held at Birmingham Airport in the early hours of this morning by anti-terrorism police.

He was deported by the Turkish authorities and flown back to Britain on a plane packed with holidaymakers last night.

Ahmed and eight of his relatives – including four children ranging from a one-year-old baby to an 11-year-old – were stopped on the Turkish border with Syria on April 1.


  • MannieP

    Why bring him back to the UK? Let him stay there forever, or until they use him up as a suicider. Westerners don’t last long in daesh.

    • I don’t understand why they coddle these ingrates.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I can understand Turkistan wanting to get rid of them but why deport them home?