Shocker! Stanford’s Students of Color Coalition Accused of Antisemitism in Student Elections

Photo from ‘Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine’ site

A student leader at Stanford University, was asked by a campus group about how her Jewish faith would impact her actions regarding Israel in the Student Senate, prompting allegations of antisemitism and an Anti-Defamation League inquiry, a campus publication reported.

As part of her campaign for student senate, Molly Horwitz applied for as many student group endorsements as possible, since an endorsement from each group would effectively secure their members’ votes for her candidacy. The Students of Color Coalition (SOCC) endorsement is the most-sought after, due to its large size and vast influence, as well as the fact that it campaigns tirelessly for the candidates it endorses, according to the report.

During her interview with SOCC, Horwitz told The Stanford Review that one of the group’s leaders asked her, “Given your strong Jewish identity, how would you vote on divestment?” The question referred to divesting from Israel, an issue which was put to a vote and approved in the university’s Undergraduate Senate in February.

When Horwitz asked for clarification, an SOCC member responded by alluding to her application to the student senate and how her Jewish identity would affect her decisions in the student body…