SHOCK figures show 700 Britons joined jihadi groups fighting in Syria and Iraq

They are part of a force of some 6,000 Europeans who have flocked to the war zones.

Most have headed to Syria and Iraq, mainly to join Islamic State’s brutal campaign, experts believe.

Half of the Britons are already back with many being closely monitored amid fears they could be planning terrorist outrages here.

Details emerged as the EU’s Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourová said about 6,000 Europeans have joined jihadi groups.

But she admitted the number could be even higher due to the difficulty of tracking foreign fighters.

She put the number from France, which has a large North African immigrant population, at nearly 1,500.

  • Jay Currie

    I am not shocked. Too bad there are not thousands more on a one way ticket with their passports cancelled as they leave.

    Drain the swamp and put the Islamic losers somewhere they can be killed. Win/win.

    • It is the best possible policy.

      • winniec

        Our fantasies of violating the human rights of the violators are merely that. There is in law NO WAY to get at these terrorists, unless they have been spotted in the act. Fat chance. They were masks and hoods for that reason. Then they can come back West and terrorize us at home. The eventual solution and perhaps only solution is to declare Islam illegal everywhere. It is a virulent and dangerous supremacist ideology. Civilized people should realize there is no other solution besides banning it.

    • winniec

      A Devil’s Island penal colony above the Arctic Circle?…fat chance.

  • no4

    These figures have been plucked out of the air. Once one media outlet has used them then they become official and everybody uses them.
    Our borders are completely porous, no one has any idea of the numbers of legal immigration around the EU, let alone illegal immigration.
    If these figures are the baseline, then ISIS has somewhere between 12 battalions and a Division of battle trained troops who are able to move freely through enemy territory.
    Sooner or later the penny will drop.

    • I am inclined to agree that the numbers are low.

    • Guest

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  • Within all Muslims population groups are devout believers who believe they will go to heaven by murdering in the name of Allah.

    Politically correct fools who deny or ignore this reality are condemning their own societies.

    Societal suicide by ignorance and denial.

    • winniec

      One Muslim out of 7,000 is an all-out terrorist. One Muslim out of six supports the terrorists.

  • winniec

    A GPS tracker locked on or implanted in the bodies of suspected jihad recruits could tell the government their whereabouts, thus liberating policing resources. We could tell exactly when and where the suspect tried to tamper with the electronic device (which would be a crime punishable by a lengthy sentence). With the electronic surveillance in place, few would try to conduct a jihad.