RCMP accused of enabling in B.C. terrorism trial

VANCOUVER – An undercover police officer denied RCMP bought groceries and cigarettes for a pair of accused B.C. terrorists in order to free up funds from their welfare cheques to purchase bomb-making equipment, a court has heard.

John Nuttall’s defence lawyer Marilyn Sandford suggested to the officer on Monday that financial support involved in an elaborate sting operation enabled her client and his wife to move forward with their alleged terrorist plot.

“You were freeing up money that they could then use to buy kettle pressure cookers, etc.,” said Sandford.

“That wasn’t the intent,” replied the officer, whose identity is protected by a publication ban.

  • Tokenn

    Do you suppose at any time that undercover Mountie ever tried to talk Nutall out of his plot? Details are sketchy, but I get the impression that Nutall (great name!) wasn’t personally up to very much on his own. Are the RCMP going after foreign-born Muslims as well or just concentrating on whacko converts? The low-hanging fruitcakes, as it were…

    • No idea but this has seemed dicey from day 1. Now I am grateful these two whackos are off the street, it seemed they did intend to do great harm. As for the specifics of this case we will have to wait and see.

    • Maggat

      Generally the RCMP appears to favour the ‘low hanging fruit”. I suspect that this case is a poor example of the RCMP doing any really valuable anti-terrorist work. Should this be an example of “anti-terrorist” work by the RCMP then we are in a world of hurt.

  • tom_billesley

    Why aren’t the dispensers of welfare cheques also accused as enablers?

  • k

    what happened to individual responsibility?
    … ehemmmm …. I think we all know you are not supposed to make a bomb and use it
    If you are manipulated that is because YOU allowed it