Mike Duffy’s personal diary and The Media Party’s pathetic voyeurism

What has this trial become? It’s become more about what Duffy had for lunch than his alleged crimes.

The Media Party has gotten a hold of Mike Duffy’s diary, which includes personal information.

The diary includes meetings with doctors about his personal health, passwords, talks with his wife, etc.

Why would the RCMP release this? It’s pathetic. And The Media Party’s reporting of Mike Duffy’s most intimate details go beyond the case at hand.

  • David

    Basic human decency doesn’t enter into this feeding frenzy.

    • Just look at how the media has pounced on Ben Levin.

  • Alain

    Once people understand that it is really the Liberal Media Party, then they can understand that its sole goal is to take down the present government, for the simple reason that it is not the Liberal Party in power.