Massive protest against sex-ed curriculum at Queen’s Park

TORONTO – Hundreds have gathered at Queen’s Park Tuesday morning to protest the Liberal government’s controversial sex-education curriculum.

The protest, organized by the Campaign Life Coalition, was scheduled to take place between 10 a.m. and noon. The group organized a twin rally in London, Ont., at the same time.

Organizers of the protest include former TDSB trustee Sam Sotiropoulos, Institute for Canadian Values’ Charles McVety and MPP Monte McNaughton.

“A fitting backdrop to this protest is the sentencing of former deputy education minister, Ben Levin, under whom the Liberal sex-ed curriculum was developed,” a CLC said in a press release.


I am really sorry I missed this. I have been on the go since 3 am and back only briefly before catching a break just now.

Pip says I should take a Nap.

He’s a Pro, so I should take his advice.

  • Waffle

    This is getting very interesting. Which issue will be the game changer? The carbon tax or sex-ed? Too bad the so-called “Conservatives” don’t have their act together. Should have happened long ago. We can’t handle 3 more years of this sh**!!

  • Where were they before the election?

    As long as you have Liberal voters, this will always be a problem.

  • andycanuck

    I only watched one news source at 6:00 (CFTO) about this and I think they were low-balling the numbers. (No pun intended.) Expect the rest to be following the same tactic.

  • mauser 98

    most protestors voted for Wynne ,you got her
    …….back to Duffy and $90k that was paid back

  • mauser 98

    Ont. Conservatives MIA, AWOL

  • Edubeat

    (I tot I saw a puddy tat said Tweetie Bird). Isn’t that Ben Levin in the pic doing a one-pedophile counter-demonstation.

  • David

    Your eternally forgiven.