Geert Wilders Mocks Angela Merkel at German Anti-Islam Rally

DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) – Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders attempted on Monday to boost the German anti-Islam movement PEGIDA with a speech that mocked Chancellor Angela Merkel for saying Muslims “belong to Germany”, but the demonstration failed to draw huge crowds (10,000 people? That’s pretty good).

Wilders offered to take Merkel back to the Netherlands with him, provoking chants of “Merkel must go!” from the audience of mostly middle-aged and elderly white men. Some waved flags and held banners saying “Stop the Islamization of Europe!”.

“Your chancellor, Frau Merkel, has said Islam belongs to Germany and I ask you, is she right? She’s not right,” he told the crowd in Dresden that local media estimated at about 10,000 – far short of the 30,000 PEGIDA had announced.

  • winniec

    Merkel is telling indigenous Germans that they ‘must’ accept the Muslim immigrants…or what? The next step is to remove freedom of expression.
    The cultural Marxists wish to destroy European civilization.
    Muslims belong to a supra-national political party. Muslims who are loyal to the state they live in are disloyal to Islam. If Muslims are loyal to their supra-national Islamic State, they are disloyal to the country they live in.
    They may not choose ‘both’. If they do, they are lying. Islam forces most Muslims to be liars.

    • Waffle

      Merkel’s remarks epitomize the sentiments of many of the post-holocaust German citizens. Their shame over the actions of their fathers and grandfathers still runs deep. So, in a sense, Muslims are the new Jews (because there are so few Jews in modern Germany) and today’s Germans are determined not to repeat history, even if it means bending over backwards to accommodate and appease an imperialistic, invading force.

      This state of affairs puts Jews in a very awkward position. They need to learn the hard lessons of history — for example, in 1492, the Jews of Spain were offered the unenviable choice of conversion or expulsion when the indigenous Spaniards finally regained control of the Iberian peninsula after 800 years of Muslim occupation.

      Sadly, today’s Europe is no place for Jews.

  • k


    • Minicapt

      May we call him politically correct?


      • smile