Did Levin really just stick to fantasy world?

TORONTO – He has a doctorate in education. He is an international expert who has advised everyone from the premier of Ontario to governments the world over, and yet it was Benjamin Levin’s fantasy to rape and hurt children.

And the confessed child pornographer was under the stunning “cognitive distortion” that his disgusting online discussions and sadomasochistic stories weren’t hurting anyone — and certainly not the very children he’d dedicated his career to helping.

They were harmless fantasies, Levin insisted, with no victims. It’s what he told his psychiatrist, Dr. Julian Gojer. It’s what his defence team has told Justice Heather MacArthur. And it’s why Gojer assured the court that Levin is “deeply remorseful,” is highly treatable and at a low risk to offend.

  • tom_billesley

    How can he be “deeply remorseful” for what he steadfastly believes to be harmless fantasies? Nonesense. He’s remorseful about being caught.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Harmed no one? Bull Sh–t!

  • Frances

    Jesus had it right when he made the much-mocked comment about ‘committing adultery in the heart’. The thought is truly father to the deed.