Boko Haram have abducted 2,000 women in just 12 months

Shocking new satellite images have emerged showing the devastation wreaked by Boko Haram fighters on Bama, a city in northern Nigeria, over a period of six months.

Bama, the second largest city in Borno state, was left decimated after thousands fled or were gunned down in the street by Boko Haram fighters as they overran the troops stationed there in September 2014.

The militants, who recently swore allegiance to ISIS, slaughtered civilians, burned women and the elderly alive inside buildings, and forced people to convert to their strict vision of Islam.

In March, Nigerian troops regained control of the city. Knowing they were going to be defeated, the Islamist fighters fled, burning as they went, leaving almost three quarters of the once thriving city in ruins.

The images have been released as part of a new report by Amnesty International, which reveals that at least 2,000 women and girls have been abducted in a reign of terror by Boko Haram in Africa, with many being forced into sexual slavery.

  • Arm the women.

    I’ll wager half of these problems would disappear.

  • Editor

    That fake holier-than-thou, condescending look of disapproval in her face. I’m surprised boko haram hasn’t just folded and everybody gone home. How can they continue in the face of such disapproval?

  • Frau Katze

    How did this group get so powerful?

    • Doug Kursk

      That’s a good question: the second question that I would ask is why are the armed forces (and police etc.) of these nations so ineffective?

      Is it a case of only the lowest common denominators being attracted to these professions in 3rd world countries?

      Whole divisions of soldiers, armed with the most modern of equipment and beneficiaries of western training methods, fled the field of battle in Iraq.

      Unskilled, illiterate and ineffective = cannon fodder against ideological fanatics.

  • El Martyachi


  • I don’t want to live in a world that can’t be saved by #Hashtags.

    • Doug Kursk