Ben Levin’s Sentencing Day 1 – Dirty Pictures and an Amsterdam Rendezvous

“The officer explained that they were located in several folders on Levin’s computer. Before showing each image, he named the folder and the file name and then described the content. He used very formal medical language, which I am going to simplify in order to keep the descriptions short.”

Day 2 should be underway.

I suspect no more than house arrest and the Order of Ontario personally bestowed by Kathleen Wynne.

Cause that’s how she rolls.

  • Local Yokel

    I’m predicting that in Wynne’s Ontario he will get 500 hours of community service to be served in a preschool.

  • Linda1000

    On the expert testimony of the psychiatrist, was he hired by the crown or the defence? It sounds like he’s been paid off to minimize and make sicko Levin’s conversations and actions appear to be nothing but one big fantasy. Levin was recognized as an international expert in his educational field and in a position of professional trust so he should be expected and held to a higher standard of appropriate conduct or behaviour in his work-related and private life. The doctor’s report doesn’t seem credible and doesn’t address the depravity of Levin’s child porn activities.

    • Waffle

      Uncle Ben may be guilty of nothing more than a “thought crime”. Don’t get me wrong on this one — he’s a sick bastard and shouldn’t be in the position he held (provincial deputy minister of eduction!! and author of a province-wide sex curriculum), BUT, we should be very careful about how we punish people for thought crimes. Hell, I sit at my computer, quaking at the thought of that dreadful knock on the door because I constantly think of Levin’s boss and want to take her out of our misery.

      • He actually met someone and encouraged an undercover cop to molest a child.

        He is a b@$#@rd.

        • Waffle

          That’s counselling someone to commit an illegal act and that’s a crime, isn’t it? Off with his head!! I mean, lock him up in a dark dungeon and throw away the key.

          • Re-read what he has confessed to and the testimony of the undercover officer.

          • Waffle

            Thanks for the suggestion. Am trying to get through it without throwing up. Benny sounds like a guy who just can’t control his addictions. Ask me about addiction — I have finally been able to overcome a life-long addiction to cigarettes, but not before destroying my heart and lungs and I think I have overcome my gambling addiction, but I still get urges for both. I do know that if I give in to either, it will be game over, one way or the other — i.e. my money or my life;)

          • His addictions are sick.

            What’s even worse is that he is sheltered.

      • Clink9

        Possession of such filth is a real crime.

  • Martin B

    “The prosecutor Ms. Garcia asked the judge to allow showing the pictures (only to the court). Mr. Ruby objected, citing time constraints, but the judge overruled his request…After the presentation Mr. Ruby noted that there were over 2000 pornographic images on Levin’s computer and only a very small portion was classified as child pornography”

    How low can Ruby go? “Your Honour, my client met thousands of children and he only raped a very small portion of them, so you should give him community service” I guess we have a few more days of this sentencing hearing to find out.

    • He has supported child predators before.

    • It’s a defense lawyers job to defend even the biggest scumbags.

      • Martin B

        I know. But when a lawyer takes the low road like this, it’s because he can’t take the high road because he knows his client is guilty guilty GUILTY. I just hope the judge can see through these shenanigans.

  • David Murrell

    The Globe and Mail (Canada s National, Corrupt Newspaper) is censoring this story completely, not even putting the story in its Toronto section. CBC News at least is re-copying the Canada Press story, but this news outlet buried the story in its Toronto section:

    So the fix is in, amongst the pro-Liberal media. The National Post put the story on its front pages.

  • If he actually met someone, he wasn’t in the fantasy stage.

    • Observer

      He only wanted to spread the expertise he used to share at OISE and the Ontario Ministry of Education on how to rear kids.