Are you ready for… ‘the climate change memoir’?


Kathy’s new column at Taki’s:

Carrie Saxifrage, who wrote the second book in question — The Big Swim: Coming Ashore in a World Adrift — also changed her name in adulthood, but for pretentious, First World white lady reasons:

She and her husband named themselves after a white flower that grows on mountaintops, and, as she recounts, ‘Our families didn’t know what to make of our earnest explanations of how we were claiming relationship to those pure, high places[.]'”

I pray that being “high” had something to do with this couple’s rejected-Portlandia-script name-change. The notion of anyone undertaking such an endeavor stone cold sober chills the blood.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    These kinds of people make my head hurt.
    ‘Make it hurt bad.

    When you tell them they are idiots, they call you anti-science.
    Can’t we put them in a blender or something?

    • Guest

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    • We just got Cap and Trade just like California! We crazy.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        You are so lucky!

    • Blacksmith

      Put them in a wood chipper then they can be used as mulch, it will be the first time they were useful to the planet……..

  • mauser 98

    Wynne’s next brainwave?
    CA Residents Fined $500 a Day for Long Showers