South African Muslim writer who praised Salman Rushie allegedly coerced into mental hospital

A South African author who was violently attacked for expressing admiration for Salman Rushdie has been admitted to a mental health institution, allegedly under intense pressure from the local Islamic community.

Zainub Priya Dala claims she has been “harangued to withdraw, dissect, explain and renounce my admiration of [Rushdie’s] works”, but is determined to resist. “I could just as easily burn my Oscar Wilde collection because some homophobes came calling,” she says.

Booker prize winner Rushdie has intervened, calling for South African authorities to protect Dala and her right to express literary opinions to be defended. The writers’ association PEN International has also condemned her treatment…

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    • Martin B

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  • cmh

    I love Rushdie’s short story ‘The Prophet’s Hair’….. brilliant portrayal of Islamic madness

    • Frau Katze

      Really? I’ll have to read it.

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