R.I.P. Mark Harding, Victim of Canada’s Anti-Free Speech Javerts

I returned from a stress-free week on the Mayan Riviera to learn of the sudden passing of Mark Harding. Harding was a humble, gentle soul, a small town Ontario Christian pastor, who tried to warn people in his community about the jihad. Unfortunately, he did so pre-9/11, when such warnings were considered to be “hate speech.” For his “crime” of telling the truth about the supremacist Islam that has become all-too familiar in these days of ISIS and the rest of the litany of wretched jihadi outfits which are wreaking so much havoc worldwide, Harding was persecuted and prosecuted by Canadian authorities, sent to prison and, as a condition of his release, forced to do “penance” by performing his “community service” under the auspices of an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • David

    I’m sure the persecution he underwent shortened his life.

    • Yes I believe it did. Potentially far more than I am able to say publicly at this time.

  • Martin B

    Proof that you get in much more trouble for telling the truth than for telling ties.

  • Jabberwokk

    When i was in school, I got bullied a lot. Then I got a Black belt. Oh the Bullying still happened right up to the end of grade 12 but it was done in a car going the opposite direction and a good distance a way from me.

    I think the only solution going forward is to simple take there power away to harm us. Oh they’ll still squawk but nothing more.

    Perhaps it’s wishfull thinking but it’s what the left did. They took the places of power better men would not such as the Universities, Media empires, and Political Offices. Christians seem very squeemish and unwilling to take places of power and often quote that power tends to corrupt. They seem to forget that places of power in life do not disappear because the forces of good vacate them. Indeed that’s when evil can most easily take over. Alas Most Christians I’ve met have already surrendered to a defeatist mentality. They perpetuate a doctrine of inevitable failure and persecution that’s I find increasingly difficult to justify Biblically(Personal Side note: And where is the red blooded christian Man to turn? A choice between a Battle your expected to lose of the church or of emasculation and ‘gender fluidity’ of the world.). How the world see these people as some unequaled blight is beyond me. There utterly harmless; Annoying if anything.


    Someday Jesus may come and make the Lion lay at peace with the lamb. Till then I’m going to make Damn sure I’m the Lion.

    …..(Now to find something more meaningful than posting on Disqus)…>_<

    • That turn of events is I suspect much closer than we might fear.

    • moraywatson

      Presbyterianism has died.

      • Jabberwokk

        How fortunate for me that Presbyterianism is not what saves me. or any other ic, ism, or ist for that matter.

  • Morticiaa

    Those responsible in every level of the court, police, civic prosecution of this man should be forced to drink a litre of their own piss…..
    Disgusting excuses for human beings that they are….

  • cmh

    I would very much like to know more about this freedom fighter and his story.