Polls that received little publicity reveal over 60% of Christians and Jews in Canada think Islam and West at odds, Muslims agree.

Two polls that received very little fanfare were released late last month, and found that the majority of Christian and Jewish Canadians think Islam is “irreconcilable” with the West – it also found 42% of Canadian Muslims agree with that assessment.

The polls, conducted by Leger Marketing, were published in the Vancouver Sun and found 63% of Protestants, 62% of Jews and 60% of Catholics felt Islam cannot coexist with Western culture.

That assessment was shared by 46% of non-religious Canadians, and in a large admission, by 42% of Muslims who felt their religion cannot be reconciled with the country they live in.

A full 2,000 participants were questioned in the poll, and of them 500 were born outside Canada. The polling took place in 2013 and 2014.

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We have commented on these Polls in two earlier posts, and as the article states they were largely ignored by the MSM.

This comment at the link above sums up my own frustration with the criminal negligence displayed by our Political class and Citizenship & Immigration.


Gila Rut Rina Wittow

“It’s a great shame that in the interests of anti-racism and “political correctness”, all the politicians who allowed millions of Muslims to emigrate to the West failed to read the Quran and to check what Islamic theology actually promotes. Jihad – warfare to establish Islam as the dominant religion (not understood as “self-improvement” as some Muslims would have us believe), taqyia – deception and lying to further the cause of Islam, sharia law which oppresses women, homosexuals, atheists and non-Muslims and prescribes barbaric punishments including flogging, amputation, beheading, stoning and crucifixion for various offences, one of the worst of which is criticizing Mohammed, are all part of the teachings and expectations of their religion, to be applied by Muslims to non-Muslims as well as themselves.

As the brave and articulate Brigitte Gabriel correctly declared, political correctness needs to be put in the garbage. There are certain ideals of respect, tolerance, freedom of expression that have been taken for granted in western societies and for which many many people have suffered and died over the previous centuries, that are threatened and even now are in the process of being eroded by too much respect for, ignorance and misunderstanding of Islamic theology. While there are certainly some more liberal Muslims who manage to ignore the more offensive and barbaric parts of the Islamic belief system and who have embraced the freedoms and opportunities our societies offer, there are frankly many who cannot. If you want to know what happens to a westernized society where Muslims became the majority, look at what happened to Lebanon. The civil war against, murder and subjugation of non-Muslims is what will happen to Europe and North America if numbers of Muslims continue to swell as they are currently doing thanks to a much higher birthrate, and if we do not stand up now and be counted and protect our freedoms, our laws and our way of life.

The problem is not essentially with Muslims who are themselves constricted by their belief system, but with the theology of Islam itself and its actual effects on those who adhere to it in full. Unless it is reformed by Muslims brave enough to do so and that reformation carries through to Islam as a whole, we need not only to rethink our immigration policies in the West but also remove citizenship and the right to live in our societies from any Muslims who actively promote jihad and sharia law. This isn’t being racist – no other religion or belief system of the many ethnically diverse immigrants besides Islam has the same supremacist imperative – or Islamophobic – there really is oppression and far worse to fear here for ourselves, for our loved ones and for our countries – we have the right and indeed the need to defend ourselves if our advanced civilization is not ultimately going to be destroyed.”