Political correctness shackles the war on terror

Guilty on all charges. When the Boston bombing trial jury handed down their verdict against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last week, the courtroom was silent. The most important legacy of the trial was not the verdict, but the sombre realisation that the West must jettison political correctness to win the war against terror.

The Boston bombings constituted a horrific slaughter of innocents and a radical failure of the state to fulfil its primary duty of care to citizens. Counter-terrorism should have stopped the Tsarnaev family at the border, rejecting their plea for political asylum on the advice of Russian authorities. Counter-radicalisation should have stopped the brothers at their mosque, part of a government-funded outreach program. Intelligence agencies should have caught the thugs online after they posted viciously anti-Western tracts.

Instead, the Tsarnaev family, with two terrorist brothers and a sister now on trial for bomb threats, enjoyed the full favour of the welfare state. They lived off the earnings of US citizens taking free housing and food only to repay them with hatred and mass murder.

  • simus1

    The chechens behaved exactly the way the fawning leftists that cleared their path and that of many others hoped they would. The choice of target might have caused a few sotto voiced grumbles at lefty gatherings later but it’s the thought that counts.

    • That’s why the left wants more Muslim immigration, they share a world view.

      • winniec

        Muslims are lying to Canadians and Americans about their supremacist intentions.

        Leftards like Justin Trudeau believe more Muslims will keep the Libtards in office forever.

  • winniec

    And the mother of the Tsarnaevs calls for Allah’s wrath on America for sending police after her sons as they were driving to New York to shoot pedestrians in Times Square.
    Imagine the impertinence of those dirty KUFAAR…trying to stop our jihad!

    • David

      tens of hundreds of thousands.

    • TotallyPeeved

      All of them.