Op-ed: Pig-headed racism and British policy is pushing young Muslims towards Islamic State

Every time the issue of young British Muslims going to Syria is raised, the same question is asked by both the media and the government: Why isn’t the Muslim community doing more to stop these young people joining Islamic State (Isis)?

But while the Muslim community should rightly shoulder some responsibility to address this problem, simply putting all the blame and responsibility at the doors of our community will only risk alienating, marginalising and criminalising a new generation of Muslim youth.

Impressionable young Muslims who are steered towards extremism are British citizens and our government is duty-bound to engage with both them and the leaders of the Muslim community. The solution is not to issue new counter terrorism bills, a strategy which has largely failed.

The fact is some young Muslims feel they are second-class citizens in Britain. Many face inequality and discrimination at work, anti-Muslim hatred and even physical attacks…

…British policy abroad has resulted in some of this, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Gaza. Young people see the hypocrisy of the West standing by dictators like Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who violently removed Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohammad Morsi, and has sentenced to death hundreds of his supporters without fair trials…

So what does this twit expect us to do about Egypt? Invade it? He is already complaining about previous invasions.

Furthermore, other invaded non-Muslim countries are not responding like this. Serbia was attacked during the 1990s (over its treatment of Muslims: no thanks given for that) and yet there are no Christian terror groups in the Balkans.  

The same applies to accusations of racism and alienation.  There are many ethnic groups in the UK by now — no doubt some of them are targets of racism, yet only Muslims are responding with violence.