Monday Night Book Thread

This is probably more like a weekend thing. Don’t know if it will work. Anyway, let’s try and do some culture, yo!

So, what’s everyone been reading? I just finished Hadji Murat. It’s Tolstoy’s last real novel.  It’s been on my gotta-get-around-to list for ages. The eponymous hero is a real historical figure, an Avar (Mama Tsarnaev is Avar) who went over to the hated Russians and then… read it. According to Harold Bloom, it’s the last great hero narrative in Western literature. (Western Cannon.)

I didn’t read this short novel for the sake of its Chechen Muslim theme, not at all. You read Tolstoy because he’s Tolstoy. But I did find some surprising things in it. (Leo seems to have done a great deal of research for this book.)

So, what are you people reading?