Meet The Latest Agent of Propaganda Dragged Out By The UK Media

Drones Targeted His 'Inner Child' Because They Are Mean

Drones Targeted His ‘Inner Child’ Because They Are Mean

Brandon Bryant is an obvious hipster-douchebag, fantasist, and serial liar, and you’d think the U.S. Military could screen out for those psychiatric disorders; ‘guess not. You’d also think that would keep you off the Beeb’s more serious news programs, and you’d be wrong there too! Remember, they only hate the American and Israeli drones; all other drones are benign.

Just to give you a clue what a dishonest whack-a-doodle he is (and we are talking Code-Pink levels of delusion, denial and dishonesty here), he announced that al Qaeda “spiritual advisor” Anwar al-Awlaki (and winner of the CIA’s 2011 Hellfire Lottery) was a man of peace, until the U.S. made al-Awlaki turn to violence, or something.

Uhhh… yeah!