Iowa: Governor signs proclamation for ‘Muslim Recognition Day’, celebrates at Capitol

It was Iowa Muslim day at the Iowa Capitol on Monday with Muslims sharing pastries and other ethnic foods in the Rotunda while providing information about their faith and work in Iowa.

Gov. Terry Branstad signed a proclamation for Muslim Recognition Day in Iowa, something the Republican chief executive first did in 1992 during his previous tenure as governor…

Recognition for what? They are treating Muslims like small children.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    They can suck up to Moes all they like, the soft jihad proceeds apace.

    Hey, how about that weird Madonna/Drake awkward kiss video?

    • Madonna

      It’s only a Cold Sore.

  • Alain

    People need to rise up and remove these traitor politicians from office. I doubt that the governor of Iowa has declared a recognition day for Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and all the other groups.

    • JoKeR

      They’re the best dhimmis money can buy!

    • Justin St.Denis

      And as such, this declaration can be successfully challenged as unconstitutional. And will be. Give it a couple of years.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Like small children.
    They are.

    • Gary

      It’s a hedge against terrorism attacks to appease them now inhope of them ignoring the quran orders to kill the unbelievers .

  • Gary

    It’s more like Pity because they haven’t invented anything in about 500 years if you don’t count suicide vest in gaza.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The Special Olympians of religion.

      • Clink9

        Winner. I’m stealing that.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I have to apologize to Special Olympians.

          • Justin St.Denis

            On your knees in a bombed out glass factory.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            But, I thought the last few months of listening to classic rock radio at work was enough.
            I would rather listen to a country music station before hearing the same two hundred songs by Soundgarden, Sloan, Metallica, ACDC, The Tragically Hip, Neil Young, Motley Crue and Poison.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I hear you! We did a “cull” of our collection recently, and the artists you list were pretty much purged from our CD collection. Def Leppard was retained only because wifey has a weakness for driving to their biggest hits. I’m country – currently a Darius Rucker freak – and actually getting into Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett of late. I’ll always love Jethro Tull, and have a weak spot for Marc Bolan and Nazareth, too. And we always come back to Bach, Grieg, Telemann and Sibelius. 😉

  • Dana Garcia

    Just what do they deserve recognition for? Exploring the outer limits of barbarism? The murder of millions throughout their regrettable history?

  • Bill

    Muslims were instrumental in the formation of the US Navy as a permanent military force. By instrumental I mean the US Navy was formed to combat the muslim theologically-justified piracy and slavery of American ships and sailors in the southern Mediterranean. In short it would be like a day celebrating Jonas Salk, and honouring the Polio virus for its contributing to Jonas’ success.

    And the the thought hit me….

    We should recognise the contributions that Muslims made by selling the African slaves to slave ships that took them into the America to work the cotton fields. The USA is now left with many problems that have arisen out of this muslim slavery trade and so we must recognise the muslims for their contribution to these ongoing problems.

    • Blacksmith

      I was thinking the same things, I just re-read that history about the slavery a couple weeks ago. All of the things they could be praised for are detrimental to a peaceful society. Know muslims, NO peace.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        And vice versa: No muslims, Know peace.

  • Canadian

    Children, tantrums, CAIR…..

  • cmh

    they were trying to make Clinton feel at home

  • Clausewitz