Interfaith: Anglicans invites Muslim to speak at church for some dawah

Julia Adlington (left) and Dr Nora Amath

CHRISTIANITY and Islam are often seen as being at opposing ends of the religious spectrum but one local church recently experienced unity between the two as part of a special day of celebration.

The Mother’s Union of Grafton Diocese celebrated Lady Day at St Andrew’s Anglican Church on Wednesday, March 25.

Guest speaker Dr Nora Amath, who has spent many years studying Islam, provided those who attended the event with an insight into the faith.

Mother’s Union of Grafton Diocese Northern Zone president Julia Adlington said Dr Amath went into great detail and revealed many aspects of the Islamic faith during her talk.

Dr Amath explained the faith’s Five Pillars of belief, practice and discipline, as well as the testimony of faith, prayer, compulsory alms giving, fasting and pilgrimage to Mecca.

“An open invitation was given to anyone interested other than members of MU and it was encouraging to see the number in attendance,” Mrs Adlington said.

“I would like to feel that many people went away very much informed about the Islamic faith and some bridges were built”…

How about the speak inviting Christians to speak at her mosque? We never hear about that happening.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Eddie Izzard on the Church of England


  • Microaggressive

    Softened by the “Judeo-Christian” lie

  • DMB

    This is called Chrislam. This sinister new age movement to undermine and subvert Christianity under the false pretense of interfaith dialogue by Islam.

    • Frau Katze

      Thanks for the link…I’ll check it out.

  • WalterBannon

    There is no Anglican church any longer.

  • Gary

    Another useful idiot that thinks it’s oh so cute to have a True muslim educate Christians on how peaceful islam is and that Muhamed was a man of peace as well. Meanwhile . this taqqiyah weasel with refer to muhammed as a Prophet which is a denial of Jesus as the messiah for Christians and an insult.
    i watched a video from a Mosque where the Lib MP Dan McTeague was invited to speak and he greeted the muslims by denying Jesus as his Messiah when he affirmed that allah was the god of all gods and Muhamad is the last messenger .
    MP McTeague claims to be a Catholic , but being a Liberal he stabbed Jesus in the back for a few votes as did Mark Holland who was in the same Video.
    What was so sickening was that the Mosque claimed they were a victim of islamophobia and held this Anti-bigotry emergency protest meeting but used it to bash other faiths and forced non-muslims to bow to Allah .
    I warned McTeague that when you denied Jesus in public he will deny you to the father . I expect more Liberal catholics to volunteer to burn in hell with muhamed and allah ( satan).

    The faux Christian lesbian Wynne allowed a jew-hating anti-christian Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school while she now forces the GSA’s on Christians and her homoerotica sex-ed children as if that’s what jesus wants is more kids educated on anal sex and man2 boy romances .

    Take a guess at which one in the photo is a dummy or the straw brain simpleton.

    • Shebel

      Never Trust a Dogan.
      Unless they have Power their Direction is pretty much dictated by the Wind.

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    wonder if this muslima had her clitoris hacked off
    by some old ju ju geezer ..

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    The stooopid, self-loathing Anglican on the left is giving me ‘Goonies’ flashbacks.

    Faces like hers leave me with a temporarily conflicted opinion on the niqab.
    Normally I’m opposed to masks, but, with a face like hers … hmm.

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      I thought that was a forbidden pic of Muhumadd— The guy gives me the creeps.

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    ole bitch going soft in the head

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    did anyone attending have the guts to ask the raghead about the two pillars she missed mentioning? ….the twin towers

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    Too many churchians not enough christians.