Interfaith: Anglicans invites Muslim to speak at church for some dawah

Julia Adlington (left) and Dr Nora Amath

CHRISTIANITY and Islam are often seen as being at opposing ends of the religious spectrum but one local church recently experienced unity between the two as part of a special day of celebration.

The Mother’s Union of Grafton Diocese celebrated Lady Day at St Andrew’s Anglican Church on Wednesday, March 25.

Guest speaker Dr Nora Amath, who has spent many years studying Islam, provided those who attended the event with an insight into the faith.

Mother’s Union of Grafton Diocese Northern Zone president Julia Adlington said Dr Amath went into great detail and revealed many aspects of the Islamic faith during her talk.

Dr Amath explained the faith’s Five Pillars of belief, practice and discipline, as well as the testimony of faith, prayer, compulsory alms giving, fasting and pilgrimage to Mecca.

“An open invitation was given to anyone interested other than members of MU and it was encouraging to see the number in attendance,” Mrs Adlington said.

“I would like to feel that many people went away very much informed about the Islamic faith and some bridges were built”…

How about the speak inviting Christians to speak at her mosque? We never hear about that happening.