Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, she’s still her own worst enemy

The former first lady and secretary of state has the profile, determination and funding to make it to the White House, but her previous presidential bid exposed character flaws which alienated supporters and ultimately derailed her 2008 campaign. As Hillary announces her new campaign for 2016, will history repeat itself?

When Hillary Rodham Clinton announced she was running for President on 20th January 2007, telling her supporters “I’m in, and I’m in to win,” many believed she already had the Democratic nomination sewn up. Her statement itself symbolised a sense of triumph and entitlement that overshadowed and eventually doomed her campaign, turning her from an agent of change into an establishment figure in the eyes of voters.

With the electorate tired from two long and bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and economic hardship setting in, there was an opportunity to vote for something new and install the first ever female President to bring change to America. It wasn’t just a vote for Hillary, it was a vote for her husband Bill who still captured the affections of millions of voters despite a troubled period in office as President of the United States. What could possibly go wrong?