Google Image Search is a Sexist

In the world we live in today, gender equality is much of an accepted norm. In most modern-day households, both the mother and the father now work to sustain the family and decide on day-to-day dilemmas. Either of the parents can now act as the head of the household.

Apparently, it looks like Google doesn’t fully understand both gender equality and gender bias.

According to a new study by the researchers of the University of Washington and University of Maryland, “It turns out that you will find a noticeable gender bias in the graphic lookup final results for some employment.” This underrepresentation of women in image lookup greatly affects people’s ideas about expert gender ratios in the real world, the study observed.

Once you search for “CEO” or “Chief Executive Officer” in Google images, you will see pictures of men dressed in suits mostly. Only 11% of the people depicted are women, compared to 27%, which is the actual percentage of U.S…