CAIR and friends Sue State Department for No evacuation from Yemen

41 U.S. citizens have filed a lawsuit against the State Department and Defense Department for allegedly failing to evacuate them from Yemen.

Last month, a 45-year-old Yemeni-American from California was killed by mortar fire in Yemen.

The suit, filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the American-Arab anti-Discrimination Committee, seeks to compel the government to use all available resources to evacuate the stranded U.S. citizens.

“We filed earlier this morning with 41 plaintiffs that include people as young as just a couple of weeks old, United States citizens that are stuck in Yemen.”

U.S. State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke has declined to respond to the lawsuit, saying the department has repeatedly advised Americans in Yemen to leave…

  • Jay Currie

    The US – and the rest of the West – really needs to be more careful who it gives citizenship to.

    • I hope someone is paying attention.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        You are quite the optimist!

    • Bill

      Too many people who are making these decisions about when to award citizenship seem to take the view that the sooner an immigrant is offered full citizenship, the sooner they will start supporting the state and will be accepted by that state. Since the rash of multiculturalism in the western world, there is now no longer the demand to speak the language of this country, to participate in the cultural behaviours of this country, or even sometimes to obey the laws of this country (e.g. polygamous marriages). With this multiculturalism and the formation of cultural ghettos, sometimes the only indication of citizenship of a country for many people is the possession of the naturalisation papers, since the language, values and culture are so at variance with the country’s norm.

    • occupant 9

      …at this point, what difference does it make?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    They were holding out for the free flight instead of paying for it themselves?

    • Always, like the “Canadians” in Lebanon…

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        That still gets up my nose.

      • Gary

        I remember when Danm McTeague from the Liberals attack Harper for not doing enough to rescue Canadian “Tourists” from Lebanon. We spent $85,000,000.00 for these 14,000 pro-hezballah people to get to Canada where many made a ” Refugee” claim for the welfare and had LIED to get here.

        Later on there were 9,000 of them that freely returned to Lebanon for their ” Vacation” .

        McTeague was no where to be found to comment on his support to rescue the supporters of Hizballah terrorism in their illegal wars against a UN Member that CUPE and gays hate.

        Maher Arar pulled the same stunt as a Syrian with a Canadian passport when he got in trouble globe trotting to know Terrorism friendly nation and hanging around suspected Jihadist cells.

        The inquiry cost millions and made muslim lawyers rich while Arar never showed up to the Inquiry to prove his torture claims , it was just 1 day before the final report was to come out and expose his ties to the radical Boston mosque and his gun permit when he reduced his Extortion lawfare suit of $400,000,000.00 to just $10.2 million plus his legal fees.

        Wow, imagine how harmed you must be if you sue someone in a car accident for $4000.00 from your trauma and pain but one day before the Court trial you tell your Lawyer you will settle for $100.00 .

        We were $crewed by that liar and was supported by CAIR’s Sheema Khan and Nihad Awad .

        Sheema khan was at CAIR when it was exposed for funding Hamas in 2009 , she denied any ties to CAIR USA and Nihad Awad but her name was on the list for a Conference at CAIR in DC along with Nihad Awad . Here is is below at a pro-hamas rally where there are also Hezballah flags, but today Con-Job Khan pretends she never crusaded for the barbaric Shariah law in 2005 or supported hamas.

        Here is the CTV new video where Nihad Awad ADMITS he knows Sheema Khan because her worked with her at CAIR-Canada to help the Arars in their extortion lawsuit to fabricate torture claims.

        The CBC gave con-job Khan lost of air-time to spew bogus claims of islamophobia and paint muslims as victims, but since she was exposed for supporting hamas via Nihad Awad’s CAIR USA the CBC won’t bring her back to demand answer for why she never told them her islamic Org was funding terrorism post-9/11 and that CAIR was linked to Hizballah as well as in the photo.
        When Arar’s lawsuit against Jordan and Syria was laughed out of Court 2003 , CAIR coached his to sue Canada in 2005 by changing his story from bing torture in Jordan to tortured in Syria via Rendition which was one big lie.
        Maher told the CBC in late 2003 that the US was nice to him and flew him to Jordan to meet his family top fly to Canada direct. He said he was grabbed in Jordan and tortured , so how odd that the CBC accepted his big lie in 2005 he was tortured in Syria .
        Axe the CBC for being anti-israel and pro-sharia with OUR money .

  • Dana Garcia

    Doesn’t CAIR have some beheadings to attend?

  • Bill

    So what is the legal obligation of a country to rescue its own citizens who are located in some other sovereign country? Does a stranded American mountain climber have the right to sue the US of A if he is climbing Mount Everest, breaks his leg at the South Summit and his government declines to mount and pay for a rescue for him from that location?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      As well, what about those goofballs who go off the beaten trail and get buried in an avalanche in the mountains of BC?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That also opens another can of worms.
      In our national health care system, risky behaviour is incentivized because there is no consequence.
      I break my leg skiing and the government pays for my treatment.

    • Minicapt
      • Microaggressive

        moron with too much power,_3rd_Viscount_Palmerston#Don_Pacifico_Affair:_Parliament_and_the_Queen.2C_1850

        Yet, notwithstanding this parliamentary triumph, there were not a few of his own colleagues and supporters who condemned the spirit in which the foreign relations of the Crown were carried on. In that same year, the Queen addressed a minute to the Prime Minister in which she recorded her dissatisfaction at the manner in which Palmerston evaded the obligation to submit his measures for the royal sanction as failing in sincerity to the Crown. This minute was communicated to Palmerston, who accepted its criticisms.

  • WalterBannon

    sure, “americans” in yemen


    fuck them

    • Gary

      Screw em , they are muslims that got thier Citizenship and chose to globe trot to pro-jihad terrorism funding nations as did the Arar’s to get a Canadian passport do globe trot.
      That Khadr weasel got injured during jihad with Daddy Dearest in Afghanistan and it was Paul Martin that welcome him back for our FREE heath care and his family is STILL on welfare and hates Canada and gays.
      The Khadr women are in a video saying that they hope their brothers die in Canada killing canadians for allah during Jihad. They hate us but won’t leave, the welfare is too good which attracts far too many islamsits that lie to get in as Refugees like the somali’s did and many of their mosques are pumping out terrorist .

  • bob e

    with barry o’fraud importing hundreds of thousands
    of muslim paedos a month, it will only be a matter of years
    before lawfare too, brings down america ..
    wait until de beanos-latinos (all 75 million of them) get a whiff
    of how to pull it off .. and with hillary as the first woman president ..

    we are gone

  • Alain

    My but the benefits of accepting citizens of convenience are limitless.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The New York Times will blame Israel.