Afghanistan: ‘But, American Muslims aren’t real Muslims’

attia-250Attia Nasar (left) is the director of a four-part documentary titled American Muslims, produced by the US State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs last year.

The documentary contains interviews from Muslims of different backgrounds, including US Congressman Keith Ellison and Ibtihaj Muhammad, of the US fencing team…

…According to Attia, Muslims from South and Central Asia have a lot of misconceptions about American Muslims.

When she would visit South and Central Asia, people would assume that she only wore the hijab while she visited, not believing she wore it full-time.

“They’re like, ‘wait, you are a Muslim and you work in the government?’ They were really surprised [that Muslims had jobs in the American government],” Attia recalled.

People also have the misconception that Muslims in America aren’t “real Muslims.”

“I was in Afghanistan for a radio interview and the guys didn’t believe I was Muslim enough,” commented Attia.

“They asked me to recite the Quran… I did and they were shocked”…

  • Alain

    Honestly who cares. They are all the basically the same and do not belong in Western countries or any non Muslim country.

    • Guest

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  • Gary

    American’s islamists still want a Caliphate and many support armed jihad, they just won’t resort to suicide bombings and beheading people

    • J. C.

      Give them time…

  • Dana Garcia

    Apparently there’s not enough beheading in America to suit choppers abroad. Muslims residing in the US need to get chopping to gain cred among their snotty fellows in the ummah.

  • David

    ‘But, American Muslims Aren’t Real Muslims’

    well thats a relief.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Louis Farrakhan is an impostor.

      • Minicapt

        Louis Farrakhan is truly a prophet in the line of Mohammed.


  • Achmed

    “They’re like, ‘wait, you are a Muslim and you work in the government?’ They were really surprised [that Muslims had jobs in the American government],” Attia recalled.

    Work in the government? Now we are the government. We run the Department of Justice and Homeland Security. Why our man runs the White House!

    • pdxnag

      AND — If I become an apostate I will be fired.

  • Shebel

    Please. Excuse me. I am feeling a bit maudlin. I must wipe a tear from my eye.

    NEXT !

  • Canadian

    Muslims in America are real muslims.
    They`re not real Americans.

  • cmh

    They aren’t real muslims, they are apostates who would be punished for blasphemy in an Islamic country

    • Justin St.Denis

      Explain, please.

  • winniec

    Game? More-Muslim-than-thou.
    How played? Intolerance of non-observant Muslims, Jews and Kafirs.
    Winners? Suicide killers.
    Only a few hundred Muslims in America are trying to be ‘winners’.

  • Martin B

    American Muslims can remedy this problem by moving to a real Muslim country like Afghanistan. Canadian Muslims are welcome to join them.

  • Arch

    “There’s actually a huge Hispanic Latino Muslim population, it’s getting bigger in Latin and South America,” Attia says, drawing out ‘huge’ for emphasis.

    She met an Imam-in-training, “From what I know, [he will be] the first Latino American Muslim Imam,” she laughs, “but I think it’s so cool and they’re doing outreach in Hispanic.”

    As usual, the primary concern of the “moderate Muslim” in the West is the growth of Islam through conversion and immigration.

    Great country you have here, it just needs more Islam! (delicious soup you have here, it just needs a few turds).

    Out, out, damn prophet.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Love the soup analogy. May I borrow?

      • Arch

        It’s all yours, Justin. Soup for you!

        Of course, “turd in the punchbowl” is a old, familiar, term although its meaning is dissimilar from the soup analogy. It is certainly apropos to Islam’s presence in the West –

        “Thus a turd in the punch bowl suggests rage toward, and / or the urge to conquer, a community or society as a whole…”

  • simus1

    Central Asian muslims in the past were mostly known as friendly semi nomadic people more interested in having a good time than being “real muslims”. Guess saudi money along with their sour salifist outlook has put paid to that.