Vancouver: Man shot dead by police after stabbings in Downtown Eastside was Somalian refugee

Downtown Eastside of Vancouver: not one of tonier neighbourhoods

The identity of the man who stabbed three people in the Downtown Eastside before being killed by police Thursday was still unclear a day later.

But on the street he was known as Muhambla, a Somalian refugee who had recently arrived in Vancouver from Edmonton, and was homeless.

The two men he stabbed were also Somalian refugees; one may be his cousin. They apparently got into an argument over a bicycle, an argument that turned violent when Muhambla pulled out a knife and slashed his cousin in the side.

He slashed another man in the head before police arrived and blasted him with several beanbag shells from a shotgun. He was knocked down, but got up and knifed a woman before police switched to real bullets and killed him.

Jean de Dieu Hakizimana said he ran into Muhambla a couple of times in the days before he died.

“He was very aggressive, this guy,” said de Dieu Hakizimana, who runs Neighbourhood Care International, a resource centre for the local African community.

“Usually I saw him in Brandiz (Hotel). That’s where they drink beers, that’s where they hang out.

“Many Africans hang out there, mostly homeless. For these two days I saw him, the guy was unpredictable … I saw him twice, and he (got into a) fight twice, in the two days he’s been here, in the bar”…

Just what the seedy Downtown Eastside needs: homeless, drunk Somalis.

h/t Rosenmops

  • ntt1

    Again the clamour for a shot to the leg by people who haven’t a clue how inaccurate handguns really are. If there is support for limiting a policeman’s self protection then let it become an election issue, my feeling is that most citizens would not support limiting a police officers self defense options.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why import future homeless persons? Don’t Canada and America both have plenty of homegrown homeless?

    And Somalis are some of the worst in terms of assimilation aptitude.

    • Guest

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    • Gary

      Dixon and Kipling has the Welfare alley with apartments units almost 100% somali muslims with no desire to be productive. They poured in during the 1990’s as bogus refugees with no ID since they tore them up on the plane to hide who they were.
      Now many of their mosque are pumping out terrorists , we can’t keep bailing out every islamic hell-hole like Justin wants us to do and take in 60,000 muslims from syria as if they are all the peaceful ones.

      The old Canada is dead, we are now a dumping ground for other nations to ship their lazy or violent dregs as refugees . Plus the muslims are pouring in and demanded sharia law and halal compliant schools and workplaces .
      Trudeau said we are a nation of Communities , not Canadians.
      It was Canadians that made Canada what is was pre-1970’s , but Liberals thought they could just open the doors to anyone from any culture and nothing would change .
      Welfare in now a Life style , unwed mothers at 15 is something to aspire to for all the free stuff as a baby moma that won’t have to work , murdering women is only a real crime if your a White male doing it or a Christian/jew .
      Guns and gangs are hear to stay as Toronto becomes a Detroit or Chicago that the Politicians still deny and call the Government housing high-crime areas with most non-whites as “Target Areas”
      for Social programs and Police outreach.

      I’m glad I’m close to retirement and can find a small town with people that speak English and don’t blame their short comings on racism, I won’t miss Toronto and since I’ve been to Detroit I won’t have to guess what it looks like in 2025 or use Google World for a satellite view of the riots and torched cars .

      • yogaFlo

        Anyone you don’t regard with disdain?

        • Gary

          I admire people with morals and a desire to rescue the World.
          Just wait until you’re paying over $40,000.00 a year in taxes and fees while the unproductive laugh ta you as a sucker for working.
          By the time you spend that rest of the pay check you should be thankful if there is enough to get groceries .

          You can’t eat Morals.

          • yogaFlo

            We do pay more than $40k in yearly taxes. How can you assume we don’t?

            Its certainly not any refugees’ fault

          • Gary

            You’re confused with my point for Bogus refugees that lie to get in to Canada as escaping persecution back home when they tore up their documents on the Plane top canada because it was really Prosecution they were fleeing from in somalia.
            The majority of Real refugees I see in Canada are on my TV during the 6:00 pm news.
            We have about 1000 american’s a year that cross into canada for out free health care and welfare as a Refugee.
            Even Randy McQuade from Hollywood crosses into BC a few year back and has a Pending Refugee claim.
            If you’re OK with it, YOU pay for them because my dad’s people watch the White man pour in and now dominate the land, so I’m not too keen at another group pouring in that will dominate and force their culture on my grand kids such as Sharia law and sanctioned flogging of women or child-brides .

  • Oil and beef

    Why did Canada even take these dregs? A large part of the Somalia population are deeply affected by starvation due to continual famines. This results in long term reduced brain function.

    • UCSPanther

      It’s their culture, not brain function.

      They are people who hail from a nation that has not had a solid central government for approximately 30 years and is ruled by frontier justice rather than the rule of law.

      Considering how this sounds like he was a drunk and already well-known for his violent outbursts, his doom was inevitable.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Nature, nurture?
        Fining the exact place of that demarcation line is a fruitless exercise.
        Either way, they are incapable of productive assimilation and should be removed from North America.

    • BillyHW

      It’s because we don’t have enough rapes, apparently.

      • lolwut?

        First United “Church” outside of where this happened is a seething cesspool inside and out, has been for over a decade.

        Volunteer turnover is extremely high because nobody in their right mind wants to stick around it.

        The general rule in the DTES is that if you aren’t doing shit, shit doesn’t come your way, that rule doesn’t apply on that corner around
        First United.

        A few years ago they hired a bunch of fresh off the boat Africans
        to be security there, a year later they were all quietly canned after
        over 100 complaints of sexual assaults by these same Africans.

        The media got involved briefly until they found out who it was
        and then dropped the story.

    • Rosenmops

      All immigration from Somalia should be stopped immediately. They seem to be the absolute worst immigrants in the world.

    • yogaFlo

      And your reason?

  • Gettingby

    The government should be crucified for importing and setting loose on society, especially the homeless, one of the most vulnerable sectors of society, savages whose first response is more often then not aggression and violence.

    • Rosenmops

      Many of the people on the Downtown Eastside are Aboriginal. Turning these African savages loose will greatly increase the misery of the Aboriginals and everyone else there. We should concentrate on helping the dysfunctional and addicted people already in Canada instead of importing even more. It is disgraceful that the government has let this happen.

    • El Martyachi

      It sorta depends on which society they get let loose on. We’re stuck with em so may as well put them somewhere destructively constructive. Full scholarships and dorm residence for everyone under 40 is a good start.

  • BillyHW

    But there is strength in diversity.

  • Rosenmops

    He said there are an estimated 2,000 people of Somalian descent in the Lower Mainland, mainly in Surrey.

    Great. Just what Surrey needs!

    • lolwut?

      I live in Gastown, work in the DTES and have so on and off for 21 years
      Surrey can have them. Better safe then Surrey as they say.

      The Somalians are more focused around 22nd Skytrain station though.

    • Man, Poor Surrey.

      • lolwut?

        Surrey’s been fucked for decades.

        It’s like Trailer park boys minus the humor.

  • Dana Garcia

    I don’t know how refugee biz works in Canada, but in the US, the United Nations gets to pick the luck entrants.

    • The UN tries to dictate, so far without much success as I understand it.