US: Real Muslims don’t terrorize (misquotes Koran)

Nearly 150 people were killed in Kenya in a brutal attack on a university by a terrorist organization called al-Shabab. Reports claim that the militants specifically singled out Christian students.

Al-Shabab and other extremist groups, who claim to be working for Islam, fail to recognize the very meaning of being a Muslim. Not only is this act of barbarity a complete departure from the Islamic teachings, it is against the very nature of humans to be so violent and barbaric. Such lack of empathy suggests extreme abnormalities in the minds of those who willingly carry out these atrocities. To refer to these people as “religious” would be a mistake. To call them psychopaths would be appropriate. In fact, the Islamic scripture, the Quran, refers to such people as “diseased” (chapter 2: verse 10).

In the last couple of months, extremist groups in the Middle East, Pakistan and even Africa have increasingly targeted Christian populations in the name of Islam. As a Muslim, I can tell you that nothing is further from the teachings of Islam than taking innocent lives. The Quran says killing one person is like killing the entire mankind (5:32). In this verse, the Quran does not address a single faith or race. In fact, if you study the rhetoric, the verse clearly suggests that all life is sacred — regardless of faith, ethnicity or race…

Huma Munir is a writer for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association.

Many Muslims do not consider the Ahmadiyya to be Muslims at all. In Pakistan they are barred by law from called themselves Muslims or calling their houses of worship mosques.  

It is quite possible that she does not realize that she is misquoting the Koran.  Muslims believe one should read the Koran in Arabic, which most do not understand.  Translations of the Koran are mistrusted.

Unlike Christianity and Judaism, there is little present day interest in pouring over verses in the Koran.  People simply accept what their leaders say.