The Glazov Gang-Ann-Marie Murrell on “What Women Really Want”.

Ann-Marie focuses on Leftist feminists’ abandonment of women under Islam, unveiling the heart of darkness of progressive feminism. The discussion occurred within a focus on What Women Really Want.

h/t AP via JW

  • Millie_Woods

    Feminists are just another group of insatiabe, grasping, clamouring, power-mad misfits who are unable to accept their lot in life and take responsibility for their lack of personal happiness. It’s always someone else’s fault that the world isn’t organized in a fashion that allows them to live a risk-free existence, free from want and accountability. Take a number princess, the lineup is long and those in front of you have their own long list of impossible demands.

  • ntt1

    We all start out in a world free of responsibility and accountability, as we grow up ,responsibility and accountability creep in until we are fit to make our own way, to never accomplish this milestone used to be a matter of shame and ridicule, now entire political parties pander to it.