Scrap the universities?

If you ever feel like so much of what’s happening on university campuses today is a bunch of nonsense, you’re not alone and you’re not the first.

Back in 1987, American philosophy professor Allan Bloom unleashed a widespread attack on modern education.

His book The Closing of the American Mind argued that the university system was overcome by moral relativism… The book was an unexpected bestseller… “It may be politically portentous,” [Gary] Will wrote of its popularity, suggesting change was on the horizon.

Did that change occur? Nope. At least not according to acclaimed philosopher Roger Scruton in an essay “The End of the University” released earlier this month.

He laments that “Books are put on or struck off the syllabus on grounds of their political correctness; speech codes and counseling services police the language and thought of both students and teachers; courses are designed to impart ideological conformity, and students are often penalized for having drawn some heretical conclusion about the leading issues of the day”….

h/t Marvin