Saudi Gazette: Islamophobia in US Schools

More than half of Americans say they have unfavorable views of Islam, and six in 10 either aren’t interested or don’t know whether they want to learn more about the faith, according to a new poll. The findings, detailed in a HuffPost/YouGov poll, should not be surprising, given the bad name the likes of Daesh (the self-proclaimed IS) and Al-Qaeda have given Islam.

The poll results might also remain unchanged down the road, given the Islamophobia which is permeating into American schools where the young are most susceptible.

In a high school in Texas, an economics teacher is facing disciplinary action after distributing anti-Muslim handouts to his students. The handout contained inaccurate, Islamophobic rhetoric designed to entice hatred towards Islam and Muslims. It was bullying behavior.

Students rely on educators to help them feel safe at school and feel that they are a part of the school, but here the educators themselves are the bullies from whom the students need protection.

Young, impressionable minds were subjected to their teacher’s ignorance and blatant attempt to incite hatred and violence against a group the teacher disagreed with.

Most people remember at least some of their teachers from school and such educational authority figures hold substantial power to mold students’ opinions. Put in the wrong hands, such power creates the wrong kind of student…

How about the Saudi Gazette starts publishing articles on reining in hate preachers? Instead of incessant whining about ‘Islamophobia.’ They see as a P.R. problem: no one will admit that Islam has a problem.