Remember Not To Judge Lest It Reflect Poorly On Islam: ISIS Destroys The Ancient City Of Nimrud

Shock new video shows ISIS thugs smashing historic Iraqi city of Nimrud with barrel bombs, bulldozers and jackhammers in orgy of destruction slammed as a war crime by the United Nations

  • Muslims destroy all signs of non-Muslim society when they invade.

    How do you think Buddhist/Hindu Afghanistan became the hell hole it is?

  • Dave

    So if there will be nothing of historic value left we might as well just nuke the sand apes right out of existence. Saves everyone a lot of grief.

  • ntt1

    While the muslim brotherhood held Egypt there were early mutterings about destroying Egypt’s history as well I believe it was part of the general disillusionment with the brotherhood that brought in the Sisi regime. many people in Cairo are employed by the support industries that tourism brings in. they may be muslim but they still remember which side their bread is buttered on.

  • Chris

    The U.N. condemns the destruction of antiquities but says nothing about the slaughter of innocent people who happen to disagree with ISIS. Way to stay relevant!

  • AlanUK

    Isn’t it a good job that the British and others “stole” so many artifacts. At least they are protected (for a while).

    • Guest

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