Lack of limits on third-party election advertising mean the Progressive Conservatives may never win again

TORONTO – With the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race down to two candidates — Christine Elliott and Patrick Brown — both are receiving plenty of advice on how to win the 2018 election.

And both have ideas of their own.

Elliott basically says the PCs have to emphasize the “Progressive” in Progressive Conservative, Brown that they must focus on “Conservative.”

But in the world of realpolitik — practical versus theoretical politics — the reality is this.

The Ontario PCs are unlikely to win another election unless the provincial government changes its rules — meaning the lack of rules — on third-party advertising, now dominated by unions and particulary public sector unions, who effectively campaign for the Liberals in every election.

I have said this for years now. Ontario is a Kleptocracy and we are its serfs.


  • ontario john

    With Wynne’s new carbon tax coming, there won’t be any jobs left in Ontario anyway, except if your in the public sector.

    • That is the next money grab. Liberal party members are already lining up to get their share.

  • Microaggressive

    Ontario is a “Citizens United” zone

    We shouldn’t clamp down on free speech just because at the moment the only people taking advantage are people that want to race towards bankruptcy

    The fact is that there aren’t enough people that hold Self-Reliant Christian Values in Ontario to make small government conservatism work.

    The only salvation for Ontario is collapse.

    • That may well be the only scenario.

    • Chris

      Ontario won’t collapse because it is our only path to economic salvation, It’ll collapse because the lefties are too stupid to realize you can’t spend yourself rich.

  • Progressive Liberal

    Elections should hear the voices of real people, the Labour Unions, which is why these so-called “third-party” advertising and lobbying is essential for true citizenship!

    • Microaggressive

      Fat fucktards that get wasted while partying on their members’ dime.

      • Progressive Liberal

        Public Service unions are of the utmost importance to ensure that government ministries serve the public and are not abused to do the bidding of big business and their Conservative Party.

        • Microaggressive


          What fucking stupidity

          Unions in government are organizations that work to extort money from Citizens in concert with political parties that share the same ideology.

          Go fuck yourself

          “big business and their Conservative Party”

          Da fuck?!?!? The Liberal Party is the party of pure Fascism. The Liberal Party is the party of Big Business pandering. Every second week there is a story in the MSM about the special deals that Wynne makes to keep Big Business in Ontario.

          Don’t reply to me again you moronic fucktard.

          • Doug Kursk

            He’s pulling your chain 😉

        • ontario john

          You mean like on W5 last night where CUPE was shown to prevent the firing of staff committing elder abuse at nursing homes?

          • Saw that, pretty ugly stuff.

          • ntt1

            Here in BC our health care workers chained shut the firedoors at several seniors extended care facilities . Lbs Davies supported them the NDP supported chaining fire doors.. They will use any means to advance the union . it must be stopped by transparency on ALL union spending and strict limits on third party electioneering

  • Microaggressive

    I would organize a group to spread a small government message except there is no Party with clout and conviction to help get elected.

    As long as the P in PC exists, there is no option

    • There are over a million Public Service Union members in Ontario, add to that total their family members and voila, you have a voting block that simply overwhelms everyone else.

      Simply put there are more of them than there are of us.

      Too many rely on the tax payer to sustain their entitlements and they vote.

      • Microaggressive

        Most people don’t vote

        The fact is that the Liberal Party enjoys their “majority” because of the 20% of ELIGIBLE voters that cast ballots.

        Holy shit!!!

        That means that there are far too many lazy people in Ontario at the moment.

        That means that life must become far more uncomfortable for things to change.

        • Voter turnout was about 52% last election I recall, still abysmal.

        • DD_Austin

          Not Lazy

          Some people won’t rubberstamp legitimacy on any of these
          assholes that run, in fact the argument can be made that
          regardless of whatever POS “party” runs, it’s the same
          thing, the same policies, the same corruption. So the lower
          the turnout the better. Voting supports “the system”

          If they want me to vote in this farce, then pay me to do it,
          I got better things to do with my time than wasting it playing
          a dupe in a false game setup by a bunch of conmen.

    • ntt1

      They should adopt the two faced god Janus as their logo

  • simus1

    Ontario politics and professional wrestling have a lot in common like lots of sound and fury signifying nothing. The main difference is that pro wrestling has much more integrity.

    • Excellent.

      • simus1

        Some of us haven’t forgotten that the last best Ontario “conservative government” we ever saw got into power by a complete fluke and it then lasted on its set course for only about three whole years. Buzz Hargrove &Co’s noisy BS plus their “own experts” drove them into “chickens with their heads cut off, do nothing worthwhile mode for the remainder of their time in office.

  • ontario john

    Former Liberal defence minister Paul Hellyer spoke to a crowd of 150 at the University of Toronto, where he preached that we need to spend huge amounts of money to combat global warming. And he stated that aliens from outer space can help us in the fight. Yes, according to him martians or something want to join forces in our battle against global warming. I see a new Ontario Ministry of Outer Space in the future for Wynne’s government. I hope the martians are not homophobic.

    • I hope Trudeau endorsed that speech.

      • ontario john

        He will probably be Trudeau’s new science advisor. We can start calling Trudeau a space cadet instead of shiny pony.

    • DMB

      They will be part of the new Ministry of homophobia, islamaphobia and all other phobias directed against Judeo-Christian values and white heterosexual males.

      • Microaggressive


        Just stop with that. You can say “Hebraic-Christian” as a nod to OT/NT but not Judeo-Christian.

        Jesus is anti-Talmud.

        No hate, just facts.

        • Clink9

          All hail the new censor.

          • Microaggressive

            How about just being honest about how Jesus viewed the Pharisee

          • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

            He didn’t like them because they were show-offs. So what.

  • DMB

    Eventually the bond holders will be calling the shots in Ontario. They already have an early victory with Wynne’s new cap and trade scheme which the financial industry will be the primary beneficiaries of this scam. Once the money runs out in Ontario the private sector unions will be done with.

    • Yup Ontario is racing to its doom.

    • Microaggressive

      Obama put Puerto Ricans on Disability because they primarily speak spanish.

  • ismiselemeas

    Has anybody seen the British series “Wolf Hall”? There’s a brilliant scene where Cromwell explains rather curtly to a philandering noble that battles are not won and armies are not raised at English castles or on English fields, they are won and lost in the counting houses. Thus it was and so it shall be. Eventually Ontario will run out of money and the crows will circle to pick at the corpse. They like to start with the bright shiny bits first.

    • We are well on our way, Ontario is done as a Have Province, it is dying a slow death.

  • moraywatson

    The Rest of Ontario needs its own Provincial government. The GTA is a cesspool that should be required to suffer its socialist stupidity without dragging the rest of us down with it.

    • It should separate.

      • ntt1

        If you are talking city states then add Mayor moonbeams Vancouver.
        Maybe Canadians can club in for huge discounts on chain link fencing and razor wire.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    It’s a shame that Lorrie is only worried about the PC party when the truth is any party in the mainstream will put advantages for themselves. The Liberals are just worrying about number one, as PCs would do the same! The fact is if you are a minor party supporter as I am what a person in my situation would want is money out of politics, free advertising, and getting names off the ballots to ensure that anyone could win. I support the NOTA party of Ontario. Vezina would try to open up politics and help to get the CPAC and parties to finally talk about other parties instead of making it seem like they are the only game in town. It is understandable that when oligarchs know they can win they will want to keep their advantage. Good luck, Goldstein you oligarch supporter. As for people that want an open and equal and fair democracy we are in the minor party movements not getting equality!

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    What I also find laughable is that Goldstein actually wants people in society to trust the same movement of 2008 that gave the world the financial crisis which is free market economics, deregulation, tax cuts and allowing the foxes to guard the henhouses. It is a movement based on letting people self-regulate themselves which does not work. I am shocked so many people believe the lies of small government when quite frankly it never turns out right. Why not copy Russia or China’s version of capitalism which appears to be working okay and they understand true wealth unlike the capitalist West. The fact is Ontario keeps getting deeper in debt and all parties at the end of the day contributed to the debt that Ontario currently has.