It’s So Multicultural! Holland’s chief rabbi: Being called a dirty Jew is normal these days

Addressing a new campaign against anti-Semitism which calls on European gentiles to publicly wear Jewish symbols in solidarity with their Jewish neighbors, Holland’s cheif rabbi chose to share his views on the startlingly dramatic rise of anti-Jewish hatred he has witnessed.

Speaking to the European Jewish Association, Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs, the leader of Holland’s substantial Jewish population, numbering 30,000, expressed concern at the reemergence of anti-Semitism in the country.

“Forty years ago when I came to Holland, it never ever happened that someone will call me in the street a dirty Jew or curse me because I’m Jewish, visibly Jewish. Today it’s normal.”

  • Tony

    I would much prefer being called a dirty Jew than being called a filthy paedophiliac Muslim any day.

  • Frau Katze

    New multikulti Europe. Really working well.

  • simus1

    I can hear Jackie Mason:

    “And what’s the next bright idea?”
    “Everyone carry a pussy cat to show that Jews are kind to animals?”