Catholic Church ‘will pay price’ for stance on gay marriage

Prof Kris McDaniel-Miccio at the Faith in Marriage Equality conference. Photograph: Tommy Clancy

A conference discussing the religious case for marriage equality has heard there will be “a price to be paid” by the Catholic Church for its stance in relation to the upcoming referendum.

Marriage Equality: The Religious Case for a Yes Vote took place on Saturday and was hosted by Faith in Marriage Equality at the school of ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin.

Sociologist Dr Richard O’Leary told the conference there was a danger of a “smaller, more anti-gay” church emerging from the public debate in relation to the referendum.

“I predict there will be a price to be paid by the Catholic Church after this referendum,” he said. “Because of the negative stance taken by the bishops, the church as an institution could emerge as a smaller, more anti-gay, more conservative denomination. Some of the bishops might be satisfied with that outcome, but many people might feel that it would be a regrettable and avoidable outcome.”

Church of Ireland bishop of Cashel, Ferns & Ossory Michael Burrows said he was supporting a yes vote in the referendum and referred to gay rights as “the great justice issue of our time”…

A lot of competition for the “the great justice issue of our time”! A lot of it from Islam — which not exactly gay-friendly.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I prefer to think that academia will pay an ever higher price for their perfidy.

  • dukestreet

    It has been my experience, that the more churches water down their Biblical doctrine to move with the times,the more “lukewarm” churches there are. Those are the ones that Christ says makes him vomit.

    People who go to church to fill their own needs instead of to worship God, are in danger of being false Christians. The Bible says that this type of church and Christian may lose out in the end because, they are led to believe false doctrine and are not taught the truth. It’s called “tickling their ears”, telling them what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

    • They cease to be churches.

    • If the Catholic Church DID change its stance (it never will), it would be accused of abandoning its principles once the pendulum swung the other way.

  • G

    “Sociologist Dr Richard O’Leary told the conference there was a danger of a “smaller, more anti-gay” church emerging”

    So? Yes, I lay awake at night worrying about what sociologists think about the church.

    “The call for same sex marriage is a logical and timely development in the march of law reform and equality.”

    The church and Christian belief do not depend on what is currently fashionable in the ever changing cocktail party conversation among legal community nose lifters.

  • DMB

    Michael Coren and others like Pro. Kris McDaniel-Micco who want to turn the Catholic Church into the United Church of Canada which is nothing more than a humanist left wing organization are determined to destroy it through subversion. People on mass are abandoning left wing churches that promote moral relativism and the ideas that they try to promote.

  • Shebel

    I am a Protestant. Actually, I am a White Anglo Saxon Protestant better known as a WASP.
    I don’t like or even pretend to respect people that denigrate my Faith. I live in a Democracy. I could care less if your silly Prophet says that I am going to HELL. Big deal. Small profit.
    Get this? My post could easily be a Hate crime. hahah
    Strange how the religion pedestal changes —– When Fear and violence is the prime instigator.

  • Shebel

    The Protestant Church in my area is disappearing. Nobody goes any more. The United Church helped with that part.
    Now we don’t much talk about God or Jesus —-we are just a communal get-together so that we can discuss how Not to offend anybody and contemplate local issues—long as they don’t Offend anybody.
    This is fekking CRAZY suicide.

    • Frau Katze

      I’m a previous Protestant who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy. It sounds strange at first but there are actually quite few converts like myself (perhaps half the congregation). Everything is in English. It’s getting quite popular due to people who are fed up with places like the United Church.

  • Shebel

    What really scares me. (block this if you want)
    Is that my kids have no use for Religion. They go with me the odd time but only because I want them with me. On the way home -they ask –“What the hell was that guy talking about”
    To promote my religion—then I must offend another one.
    How the sweet fekk in this day and age can I do that ?
    I know my kids are ‘searching’ for something more that just being born,living and dying. They are now having their own kids. They are questioning their existence.

    I am truly afraid— that they might embrace Islam–it is all you hear about.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Depending on how deep you want to go, start with the foundations of Western civilization and the spirituality of Christianity and answer the question: “why are we Christian”.
      Compare observant Christians to observant Muslims and successful Western society to unsuccessful Muslim civilizations.
      However, keep in mind those are both rational arguments to what is not necessarily a “rational” question.
      Successful and fulfilling lives need direction and structure. Mainstream Christianity provides both of those things in what I feel are the optimum amounts when compared with all other religions.

    • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

      “I am truly afraid— that they might embrace Islam–it is all you hear about”
      I have the same feeling about one of my young relatives who works for the NDP party and I don’t like what s/he’s being saying lately. I hope I have nothing to fear.
      I bet there are others who feel the same.

  • Edubeat

    Does she play rugby for Ireland or is she on the offensive line of the Argos.Methinks it is the latter b/c they are called ‘The Hogs’

  • occupant 9

    Well, God said that a man lying with a man was an abomination in His eyes. I’ll go with God on this one.

  • c w

    After being initially repulsed by the photo, I did continue. The problem with gay marriage is the gay thing. Now our friends in the “life”, think they want 1950’s marriage, but all they get is 1980’s marriage with brutal divorce courts and not much else. The white picket fence was designed to keep immoral creeps our of your house, not in it. Divorce will destroy fake marriage, and happily so. We just have to stand on the corner and cheer. Nothing better than watching a monied Queen or rugby woman lose half their crap to some thing that defies description. Good luck all, don’t say you were not warned.

    • G

      LOL! cw that posting is priceless!

      “Nothing better than watching a monied Queen or rugby woman lose half their crap to some thing that defies description”.

      Damn! I wish I had said it first! 😀

    • UCSPanther

      Nothing is more hilarious than watching the Law of Unintended Consequences in action…

      • At the same time there has been no great rush to the altar, most Gays have n use for marriage.

  • Gary

    Has anyone noticed how gays and Muslims like to compare their plight to a Civil Rights case dealing with the 1960’s racism????
    Muslim are NOT a Race , and marriage was a Social Contract between the people and the State to encourage the best environment within a family to raise a child with stability and structure.

    Marriage is NOT a Human Right nor is being a Priest if you aren’t Catholic or even demanding to be an Imam when you aren’t a Muslim.
    Lets face it, the homofascists are at war with the Catholics because I have yet to hear them bash Christians when it happens to be the City Church in Toronto run by Brent Hawks who believes that Jesus approves gay marriage and the Child-abuse during PRIDE when naked men expose themselves around children as the Police just stand by think it’s healthy for kids.
    Yes folks, Christians are evil and oppressive unless they are going to a pro-abortion , pro child-abuse, gay sex , anti-heterosexual faux Church that pretends to be follow Christ.

    At the current rate they are attacking Christians and giving ISIS a pass for tossing gays off buildings and that Iran killed 4000+ gays and counting……. I won’t be shocked if the backlash ends up have people in the West
    rooting for ISIS as they watch the videos and thank allah that there is one less queer on earth .
    They don’t about their brothers and sisters being murdered in gaza, iran , Iraq , saudi arabia and most islamic hell holes .
    So why should we waste our compassion and get burned out seeing ISIS kill gays , they don’r dare attack the mosques for spewing homophobia to kill gays.
    Barbara Hall approved a Homophobic child-bride friendly Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school where the jew-hatred and quruanic calls to murder gays is common on Friday’s .
    I doubt Hall will do anything until the islamists start going after morons and brain dead feminists , THAT she will take personally .
    For now, as long as the Imams want jews and gays dead she safe .

  • Oil and beef

    Gays and the LBTFQWTF will get their way and then establich their own church because they don’t really want to be equal, they want to be distinct.

  • Canadian

    Is this a prostate cancer bracelet, that it`s wearing?

    • c w

      Medic alert tag, probably allergic to capitalism and work. Certainly men.

      • Canadian

        Isn`t that a man , of some sort?

  • Jay Currie

    While I support civil gay marriage I think churches need to be able to make their own rules. My own Anglican Church has pretty much given up the ghost on the gay marriage front which does not bother me a bit. Not something that I think matters that much. I can’t imagine the Catholic Church doing the same thing but with Francis anything is possible.

    Now, from the perspective of bums in the pews, virtually all Christian denominations are watching their churches empty. I’d argue that is because the great mysteries, the traditions, the culture of Christianity have been tossed under a weak minded social justice bus. All manner of good works are attempted, the evils of capitalism and global warming decried from the pulpits, but nothing spiritually sustaining makes it past the politically correct Altar.

    My wife and I pointed out to our delightful pastor that while the Prayers of the People might usefully hold up the “Middle East” for prayer, it might be a good idea to pray for the actual, Christians being martyred daily. Simply by raising the point our little church now has taken a side. Our side.

    But to make that happen you have to show up on Sunday and be not afraid to call the clergy on the pc BS.

    • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

      You’re so right!